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Tim Michels is an American politician and businessman who was born and raised in Brownsville, Wisconsin. He was born on August 7, 1962, in a small farming town and had a seemingly normal upbringing.

Tim Michels completed his schooling in 1980 at the Lomira High School. After his schooling, he went on to pursue his graduation. Tim majored in Political Science and did a bachelor’s degree from St. Norbert College and graduated in the year 1984.

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Michels is married to Barbara they have three children. He works at Michels Corporation in Brownsville, Wisconsin, the small farming town where he grew up.

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Michels served as an infantry officer in the United States Army for 12 years, during which time he was promoted to the rank of major. As a member of the American Legion, he is also a member of the VFW. In Brownsville, Wisconsin, a tiny rural community where he grew up, he is a co-owner of the Michels Corporation.

Tim Michels Career

Micheals grew up and graduated from Lomira High School, Wisconsin in 1980. St. Norbert College in 1984, the University of Chicago in 1997, and the Illinois Institute of Technology in the same year all awarded him bachelor’s degrees in political science.

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We have Tim Michels’ marriage to Barbara Michels listed in our database. Tim Michels is single as of May 2022. Records of Past Partnerships: Tim Michels’ past relationships are unknown to us. You can help us develop Tim Michels’s dating history!

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Tim Michels’s net worth is approximately 1.5 million USD, which the Wisconsin-born politician currently earns from his company. However, he has made a huge dent in his income after his debacle during the Wisconsin governor run.

Tim Michels Net Worth

Tim Michels salary is not known as of right now. It is well known that Michels earns primarily through his construction business named Michels Corporation. However, other than that, his other earnings are not yet known, and thus there is no significant information regarding his monthly or annual salary.

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