Networth - Wes Moore Net Worth – How Much is he Worth?

Wes Moore Net Worth – How Much is he Worth?

Wes Moore Net Worth 2022

Westley Watende Omari Moore is a jack of all trades; he is an author, a businessman, a producer, and a United States Army Veteran.

After serving in the Robin Hood Foundation, he launched his campaign for Maryland Governor as a Democrat. He is an NYC Best Seller Author and has contributed to many books.

This article covers everything about Wes Moore’s net worth, biography, personal and professional life, and more.

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Who is Wes Moore?

The net worth of Wes Moore is estimated at $10 million in 2023, making him one of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors, and television producers in the country.

The executive director of the Robin Hood Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fights poverty in New York City, is recognized for his extensive contributions to the nonprofit sector. As a co-founder of BridgeEdU, a company offering personalized support to college students, Moore has established an education technology company that specializes in education technology.

He has also produced several television series that have been notable contributions to the entertainment industry. It is likely that the royalties and advances he receives as an author have contributed substantially to the value of his net worth. As a successful and influential entrepreneur, Wes Moore has developed an impressive net worth through his diverse range of business ventures and philanthropic activities.

Wes Moore Personal Life

Moore’s 42-year-old daughter Dawn Moore is his lifelong partner and the mother of their three children. Moore is a successful author, entrepreneur, and TV producer.

Having formed a strong bond from the beginning, the couple began dating in 2002. Their chemistry led to them dating for five years and then tying the knot after five years.

The couple keeps their personal lives private, so not much is known about their relationship. However, it is evident they are deeply in love and share a strong bond.

Wes Moore Education

Wes Moore graduated with an Associate’s degree from Valley Forge Military College and then graduated from John Hopkins University as the Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Betta Kappa. He also interned for former Mayor Kurt and then went to Oxford University to graduate as A Rhodes Scholar.

Wes Moore Salary

The Robin Hood Foundation used to pay Wes Moore over $800,000 per year as its CEO, according to sources. His current income is estimated at $1 million. Also contributing to his income is his role as founder and producer of BridgeEdU. Neither his salary nor his source of income is publicly available,

Wes Moore Net Worth 2023

Wes Moore Net Worth 2022
Wes Moore Net Worth 2023

Wes Moore’s net worth estimates at around $5 million in 2023. Wes holds a respectable designation in various companies, and his estimated annual income is around $1 million.

He has engaged himself in various fields and gained all of his fortunes through his great career. Being the CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, he earns around $800,000 annually.

He is an NYC best-selling author and the owner of Bridge Edu. He and his family currently live in the Baltimore residence having a sumptuous lifestyle.

Wes Moore Biography and Career

Wes Moore Biography and Career
Wes Moore Biography and Career

Wes Moore has one motto in life – “no matter how you start, every individual deserves an equal opportunity to serve himself and his family.”

Wes was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, and had to relocate after his father’s death. His father died of a treatable yet deadly virus, which caused a lot of disruption in young Wes’ life. He had to relocate to the Bronx, where his grandparents lived to support himself and his mother.

When he ended up in Riverdale Country School, he felt out of place. He felt isolated from the white supremacy he was surrounded by and started acting out. His grades fell, and he also tagged a building with his delinquent friend. His mother, Joy, was on the brink and was not happy with Moore’s activity at all.

After he accidentally hit one of his sisters, his mother decided to send him to military school. It was one of the hardest decisions Joy had to make after the hardship the family had gone through after Moore’s father’s death.

After he was sent off to military school, he continued to be inspired by his teachers at the army school and went on to be a part of the troops. He led soldiers in Afghanistan and worked in the White House concerning the issues of International Relations and National Security.

After coming back from the Army, he wrote “The Other Wes Moore,” a book about how opportunities are fragile in the United States, which became a best-seller right after hitting the road of New York. It’s still a very common book to be found in the high schools of Baltimore. He also wrote about a lot of delicate and essential subjects such as poverty, equality, etc.

He served as the CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation for four years and distributed $600 million to the poor. While the Headquarters of the foundation were in New York, he never moved from Baltimore.

He worked on Bridge Edu, which helped freshmen college students and was later acquired by a huge education-based organization, Edquity. He also worked in the field of finance at Citigroup and in London.

Book of Moore

Following his return from the Army, he quoted “The Other Wes Moore,” a book that discussed the fragility of opportunities in the United States that became a best-seller soon after he had reached the New York area.

Baltimore high schools still use it as a general textbook. The author also addressed a number of delicate and essential topics in his writing, such as poverty, inequality, and exploitation.

Wes Moore Wife and Family

Wes Moore Wife and Family
Wes Moore Wife and Family

Wes Moore is the classic definition of touching the finishing line. He got married to his long-term girlfriend, Dawn Moore, and the couple has had a happy and working relationship with each other.

Only after the first meeting the couple got very close to each other, and they started dating. From being best friends to being an ideal couple, these two checked all the marks on the checklist. After dating for around five years, they decided to marry and now have two children together.

His father, William Westley Moore Jr, was a journalist, and sadly, he died of epiglottitis when Wes was really young. After that death, his mother moved to the Bronx with his grandparents, and he continued with his life.

Wes Moore has two children, Mia Moore (Daughter) and James Moore (Son), with his wife, Dawn Moore. He takes great care of his family, and despite accomplishing in every field and being busy, he takes time out for his family and spends quality time with them.

Did Army School change Moore?

Moore went into army school with great repulsion towards it. Joy, his mother, technically forced him to go to the army school after the incident with her sister, and only after a few days in the army school, Wes tried to escape.

He felt alone and wanted to go back. He was only 12 and tried to escape around five times within a week. He just wanted to go back home to his family, and his dedication to his family still remains unmatched when compared to his peers.

Valley Forge Military College changed a lot of men who were misled as teens in high school by good role models into strong captains in the military, and Moore was one of them. He is the first black candidate to stand up for the governor position in Baltimore.

Being a Democrat, he is strong on his values and has put up a majority of his life earnings to end poverty all around. His political skills and leadership values were greatly shaped in the army school.

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