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Article Updated on Monday April 29

Mike Lindell To Launch Frankspeech live in Frank Rally on May 10th to read more details read – Frank Rally by Mike Lindell on 10th May – How to participate

With over 2 Billion requests in just 2-days, the Frankspeech experiment is a massive success – For you! Right now they are working on new features – keep checking back, It will be up shortly!



Important NewsWhy did Mike Lindell file a $1.6 Billion lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems


Frankspeech is a new rumored emerging social media platform focusing mainly on “free speech”. It has been in the news for its connections with Donald Trump and various other US politicians.

Frank speech can be accessed on its website – Www.frankspeech.com

The tag line of frankspeech is ” The voice of free speech ”

The social networking platform has been secretly in development for the last four years, based on Lindell. He says the social networking platform will be about moving’vocal’ again and’not to be walking on eggshells.

How to signup on Frankspeech?

Since April 14, 2021 Vip Signup for Frank or Frankspeech has started.

Tutorial  – How to Create account on Frankspeech Step by step tutorial

Follow these steps to signup on Frank

Submit your mobile phone number to receive a text code for early VIP access to join Frank.

  • Visit Frankspeech.com
  • Enter your Mobile number in the Mobile number box ( US Citizens only ) For example – 4077640870 ( Refer the image below )
  • After you enter your Mobile number press enter.
  • The page will reload and your data is now successfully submitted to Frankspeech aka Frank.
  • You will get VIP Access to the platform whenever it launches ( probably by April 20, 2021 )

More details about how to signup on Frankspeech can be found here.

How to use Frankspeech

You can add frankspeech to your phone’s homescreen by following the below steps. The steps are for both IOS ( iPad or iPhone) and Android users. You can add the app to chrome and safari.

It can be a microblogging platform where people can share their opinions frankly and openly. It will be a platform like youtube and twitter says Mike Lindell, Man behind Frankspeech. See the below video for more information about how frankspeech works, what is frank speech, how its made and what is its purpose by the maker Mike Lindell himself.

Help Article – How to add frankspeech website to your homepage in iphone

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How to add Frankspeech to your homescreen on Android phone

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Frank ( Frankspeech ) Media platform Launch date

According to the reports the website will be launched soon and the date that is put forward is 19th April 2020.

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  • Mike, You are an American Icon. All my friends and family and I LOVE you. What you are doing for America Is fantastic. With GOD and JESUS guiding You, Your message is being heard by MILLIONS of good Americans who share Your thoughts. You are a leader who we trust. I seen where you are making a web site where people can express themselves without being eliminated from a website. GREAT JOB MIKE !!!!! Please keep the pressure on the people who are trying to destroy our AMERICA. You would be amazed on the amount of people who will join your website. The Trump votes changed by the machines and destroyed or not counted also had votes for our House and Senate. We should have won the President and both the House and Senate. We need to consider these loses also. I would love to see Chuck and Nancy gone forever. Please get into politics, We need honest people replacing all the TRASH in government, .

    • I’m hoping Frankspeech will give us a social media page where we can speak freely without being censored

      • No using F bomb. No cursing, no using God's name in vain. Im not foul mouthed but I feel as if already he is restricting free speech when he says people are not allowed to curse or b offensive. Why not let people decide?. Secondly, he could have come up with a better marketable website name. FRANK sounds like a name he picked from his great great great grand father without giving a second thought. I applaud him on his fight to stop the steal. I have bought close to ten of his pillows and gave away some of them. He is a wonderful man and I would urge everyone to buy his products. He is under attack by the enemies of America.

        • I welcome a platform where people don't cuss and are not offensive. Cussing and being offensive does not bring people together nor is it productive. Thank you for buying his pillows and supporting him.

          • Exactly!! In addition, these are words that have been 'censored' by the FCC for years! Regular TV and Radio never allowed any of those words to be used in the past - and we do need to go back to 'Great, Great, Great Grandfather Days' - Our society these days is so 'politically correct' - and 'vile' at the same time. It's like we are living in an oxymoron.....

        • STOP complaining! "Applaud him on his fight to stop the steal. I have bought close to ten of his pillows and gave away some of them. He is a wonderful man and I would urge everyone to buy his products. He is under attack by the enemies of America". You have the right to belong to another website. Love a follower of free speech NOT vulgarity. AMEN

        • He's a Christian! Real followers of Jesus have a great respect for Him and for God's name. I would welcome you to my home but once there, I do have rules. You can eat as much as you want, relax, take a knap, whatever, but don't disrespect my home nor my God. This is how he feels about this project. You can express your opinion (without being blocked) but just respect his Savior and others by obtaining from offensive language. I don't think that's too much to ask.

          • So called real Christians do not even know Fathers name, nor do they know our saviors name. They have been taught since babies that His name is Jesus, which is simply not true. The book of Acts tells us that there is only one name given among men that can save us, so it would be a good idea to find out what that name is. Fathers name is Yahuwah and His Sons name is Yahushua. The letter J did not exist in any language until about 500 years ago. Read proverbs 30:4

          • Frank...or frankly usually means honestly...some that is a rare commodity these days... So top marks for FRANK !..Wow and NO profane language

        • Frank Speech is not like your Grandpa Frank. FRANK is an adjective that means "open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters".

        • Frank.. "frankly speaking" an old term used to speak your mind.. however I agree that his rules regarding cursing and such is taking your free speech getting you right off the bat.. regardless I'll will follow as I am tired of ask the social media blocking censoring and banning people.. I hope as well this will be a platform to speak with others and share.. but I believe so far it's another"YouTube"

        • To be frank, means you're being honest and forthright about what you're saying to someone. Frank is an excellent choice.

        • Frank: adjective, frank·er, frank·est.
          direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere:
          Her criticism of my work was frank but absolutely fair.
          without inhibition or subterfuge; direct; undisguised:
          a frank appeal for financial aid.

        • Civility and honorable speech should not have to be legislated. For Christians it should be the norm to refrain from profanity!

        • Free speech is 244 years old to be Frank.
          It's easy to remember, and it's definitely not woke.

        • Yeah it sounds like it to me another self-absorbed tyrant I thought he was upstanding dude funny joke

    • Tank you for being our voice during all of this craziness that's going on in our country we are patriots strong and we are all ready to face the crazy left and the dumb democrats and the agenda they are trying to put on the American people we will not stand for it And God-bless Donald Trump

    • 1000% correct. All the trash will go to our jail in Cuba. There was a reason they are cleaning it up as we speak.

    • If you're the actor and Twitter Master my best wishes and deepest respect. You are doing an outstanding job! Give POTUS my love and we're wishing him a speedy return. America and the world need him. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the performance. Oscar, when things return to better than normal. Somewhat, patiently awaiting the QFS reset. Love my patriots!

  • I'm having a difficult time signing up to your website. It keeps telling me the code is incorrect I've tried 15 times and it just doesn't work. I Have to leave your web page to get the code and when I get back and add the code and it's always wrong. On my notifications it doesn't show the code it just says here's your code then I have to go to my messages to get it. Please help.

      • It’s not working. Can’t type in my cell. Function completely disabled. Tried from multiple devices. Please fix ASAP.

    • I was able to sign up using the email code but it had to be done by midnight on 4.15.2021. However am not able to access site? Maybe I didn't complete the early VIP access properly? Did see the following:
      Please Note: To protect against SPAM, we send a limited amount of valid confirmation codes to a single phone number. If you've tried more than this amount, you may have been blocked - please try again later.
      Was hoping to get the early access too but not much info to go on and I'm not very techy.

    • I wrote the code down and then went back to the sign up page and put the code in. I submitted it and nothing happened. I tried again like you with the same issue. I found out his Frank doesn't lunch until April 20 th or so. But putting the code in and submitting it is all you need to do until it lunches.

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