News - USA - What is the Mike Lindell Legal Offense Fund?

What is the Mike Lindell Legal Offense Fund?

What is Mike Lindell legal Offense Fund

A native of Brevard, North Carolina, Mike Lindell is a founder and CEO of My Pillow, best known as the “My Pillow Guy.” He invented the ‘My Pillow’ pillow in 2004 and grew the company to become a major Minnesota manufacturer. Moreover, he is an avid supporter of Trump, and he has shown such support by attempting to overthrow the results of the 2020 election. He claimed that Trump was the greatest president in the history of the United States in his speech at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference. Furthermore, Lindell established the Lindell Foundation and the Lindell Network which offer addiction treatment and cancer support. He has also been touted by Donald Trump to run for the post of the Governor of Minnesota against Tim Walz in 2022.

What is the Lindell offense fund?

On March 31st of this year, Ted Cruz announced the launch of the Lindell legal offense fund. According to him, the primary motive of the fund was raising money to fight “election fraud” and to aid right-wing groups with the financial backing to file lawsuits in connection with the 2020 election. As a fervent Trump supporter and hardcore right-winger, Lindell has been convinced that the 2020 elections were rife with fraudulent acts which led to the eventual defeat of Donald  Trump. Ever since the results have been declared, Trump and his followers have launched a crusade against the various states and individuals via lawsuits and legal actions.

How does Linddell Offense fund work?

In a statement given by Lindell himself, he was quoted saying ‘I have vetted these efforts, lawsuits, and projects. I guarantee you that 100% of every dollar donated to Lindell’s legal offense fund will go to the most urgent causes at this time.’ The main page of the fund website also has a donate which implores people who believe in the cause to come forward and donate. It also mentions that it is not a charitable organization and therefore any donations made in the name of the fund will not be tax deductible.

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  • Have you ever used a “MyPillow”? I have. I recently stayed at a rental cabin that was outfitted with them. Contrary to what the commercials would have you believe, there is nothing revolutionary or high-tech about them. They are nothing more than bags of coarsely shredded polyurethane foam. I’ve slept on MUCH better pillows than that.

  • I have purchased 4 pillows, and I love them. But more importantly, as a Patriot who loves my country, I have decided I’m giving pillows, towels, and/sheets for Christmas presents this year in order to support Mike Lindell and his cause to fight fraud in our elections. God bless you Mike!! And I pray for you everyday and what you are doing for our Country. Thank you!!!!!

  • Are you helping citizens who lose their jobs because of Biden’s vaccine mandates? I was denied religious exemptions and will be terminated after 16 years of service and there seems to be nothing anybody is able to do about having our rights taken away?

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