Latest News - USA - Who is Winsome Sears Husband?

Who is Winsome Sears Husband?

Who is Winsome Sears Husband

This article covers complete information about Winsome Sears husband, daughter, net worth, what happened to her daughter, and more.

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Winsome Sears Husband, Terence Sears Biography

Winsome Sears Husband, Terence Sears Biography

Winsome Sears is married to Terence Sears.

Her husband, Terence Sears, holds American nationality and is known to have a deep faith in Christianity. As per the gathered data, he has served in the Marine Corps.

Despite being a Jamaica native, Winsome Sears spent most of her youth in The Bronx, New York.

Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing & Electric is a plumbing business that Winsome and Terence Sears jointly control. Terence looks after the business, and Winsome manages interactions with customers and other parties.

Winsome Sears, Terence Sears Married Life

Winsome Sears and Terence Sears had been together since they were young adults. The pair wed in the 1990s and are now parents to two children, Katie E. and Janel C. Sears.

The couple had three children, but the 2012 car accident took their eldest daughter, DeJon Sears.

What Happened to Winsome Sears and Terence Sears’ Daughter?

What Happened to Winsome Sears and Terence Sears' Daughter?

Dejon L’Air Williams, the eldest daughter of Winsome and Terence Sears, died in a terrible car accident. Williams was 27 years old at the time of the crash in Fairfax and was declared dead on the spot. Unfortunately, Victoria Williams and Faith Williams, two of Sears’ grandchildren, were also died in the collision with her daughter.

According to The Virginia Pilot article, “high speed” was recognized as the accident’s cause. Dejon Williams was driving a Honda Civic on Lee Highway with her girls when she crashed another car while overtaking it on the left.

Some reports show Dejon Williams had bipolar disorder but stopped taking medications.

Terence Sears Net Worth

Online sources estimate Winsome Sears husband, Terence Sears has a net worth of around $2 million.

What religion does Terence Sears believe in?

Terence Sears has a deep faith in Christianity and hence believes in this religion only.


What is the age of Winsome Sears’ husband, Terence Sears?

Winsome Sears husband, Terence Sears, age and other personal information is unknown and remains a mystery.

How many children do Winsome Sears have?

Winsome and Terence had three children but lost their eldest daughter to a car accident in 2012. Winsome is also the mother of two stepchildren.

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