Networth - Winsome Sears Net Worth: How Much Is She Worth?

Winsome Sears Net Worth: How Much Is She Worth?

This article covers detailed information about American politician and 42nd lieutenant governor of Virginia Winsome Sears Net Worth, salary and earnings, short biography, and more.

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Winsome Sears Net Worth 2023

Winsome Sears net worth is quite huge, all thanks to her political career. Winsome Sears net worth is estimated to be between $5 Million to $8 million.

Her net worth was built all because of the hard work and dedication she showed throughout her journey in her career. The politician also started a small business before she returned to the field of politics.

Winsome Sears Salary and Earnings

The Lieutenant Governor in Virginia earns an average annual salary of $36,321. The current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears, has made a quite successful career in her life.

She runs a business where she serves as a President, and her company also adds to Winsome Sears net worth.

Winsome Sears Early Life and Education

Full name
Winsome Earle Sears
Known as
Winsome Sears
Place of birth
Kingston, Jamaica
Date of birth March 11, 1964
59 years old
Occupation Politician
Nationality American
Political party Republican
Net worth (2023)
Between $5 to $8 million

Winsome Sears is an American politician, a veteran, and a businesswoman from Virginia. Winsome was born in Kingston State, Jamaica, on March 11, 1964. At six, she immigrated to the United States with her parents. She was then brought up in the Bronx, New York City.

Winsome belongs to a Christian family and is a firm follower of the Christian religion.

Winsome completed her undergraduate/associate degree from Tidewater Community College. She has done her BA in English with an Economics Minor from Old Dominion University. She has also completed her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Regent University.

Winsome Sears Career

Before joining politics, Winsome was an electrician in the U.S. Marine Corps. Currently, she is the director of a homeless shelter for women.

In November 2001, she ran for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Also, she became Virginia’s first Jamaican female Republican, a veteran, and a naturalized citizen delegate.

After serving in the House for 20 years, she replaced the incumbent, Billy Robinson. Anthony J. Principi, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, later appointed her to the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans.


In 2011, she ran against Democrat Bobby Scott for the 3rd congressional district seat but lost. She went on to run a small home appliance business in Virginia after losing the election. In 2011, she was appointed to the Virginia Board of Education.

After her eldest daughter and two granddaughters died in a car accident in 2012, she decided to return to politics.

In September 2018, they ran for US Senate but received only 1% of the votes.

In the United States 2020 presidential election campaign, she backed Donald Trump and was the national chairwoman of the Political Action Committee (PAC) “Black Americans to Re-elect the President.”

In May 2021, Winsome won the 2021 lieutenant gubernatorial election. She won the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of Virginia on the fifth ballot. She defeated Tim Hugo, the former state delegate, securing 54% against his 46%.

On January 15, 2022, she was appointed as the 42nd lieutenant governor of Virginia, which also gave her the title of first female lieutenant governor of Virginia. She is also the first black woman lieutenant governor and statewide office-holder in the Commonwealth.

She criticized Trump in 2022 after the candidates who supported Trump lost due to underperformance and failed to win in critical battleground states. Winsome confessed that she would not support Trump in the 2024 presidential elections.

Sears has led many positions in her political career and expressed her views and support on numerous topics. She earlier supported making abortion illegal, but in 2021, she supported the 15-week abortion ban.

Sears even supported medical marijuana but was against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Winsome wanted to open more Virginia charter, lab, and virtual schools. She also hinted at the possibility of having year-round school or longer school days to make up wasted time for gaining an education.

In 2004, she was against same-gender marriage but supported civil unions and believed that same-gender marriage would continue under precedent.

She also supports gun rights and once posed with a rifle for her campaign.

Winsome Sears and Her Husband’s Business

Winsome Sears opened a home appliances business after her 2004 election loss. Sears and her husband, Terence Sears, run a plumbing and electrical company named Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing & Electric in Winchester, Virginia, United States.

The business provides services for commercial and residential work on appliance repair and installation, plumbing, and electrical work. Winsome Sears is the President and owner of Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing & Electric.

The company also adds to Winsome Sears net worth.


Is Winsome Sears married?

Yes. Winsome Sears has been married for a very long time. She is married to Terence Sears. The couple had three daughters. Their eldest daughter died in a road accident in 2012. Winsome and Terence run a plumbing and electrical company named Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing & Electric in Virginia.

What is the age of Winsome Sears?

Winsome Sears was born in 1964 on March 11. She turned 59 years old in March 2023.

How much is Winsome Sears net worth?

Virginia’s veteran and 42nd lieutenant governor Winsome Sears net worth is $5 million to $10 million.

Is Winsome Sears the first woman of Jamaican origin to be elected for the office of Virginia?

Yes. Winsome Sears broke the record to become the first Jamaican female Republican, the first female veteran, and the first naturalized citizen delegate to serve in Virginia’s House of Delegates. She was the first woman of Jamaican origin and the first black woman.

What is the real name of Winsome Sears?

The actual name of Winsome Sears was Winsome Earle when she was born. She added Sears to her name after marrying her partner, Terence Sears.

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