Best Romantic Chinese Drama 2024- Top 5 Popular Romantic Chinese Dramas (Must Watch)

If you love binging on new content every day and love to experiment with different genres and niche? Then this list of 5 Chinese dramas will help you to add more to your list. If you’re addicted to watching online shows with a different stories and plots, these Chinese dramas are the answer when you have nothing more on your list. So let us have a look at the top 5 Chinese shows that you should watch.

Best Romantic Chinese Drama 2023

The Endless Love

Endless Love is a story that revolves around a young guy who is a talented painter but with a mental disease. The world seems meaningless to him, but in these difficult times, he gets to know a cute girl who becomes his real support, and she helps him heal his mental wounds and gives him hopes to fight for his big dreams. It is an emotional drama but also a light watch and excellent performance by the cast.

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Eternal Love

Eternal Love is a story about a romance that stretches thousands of years. It is about love that never dies and stays alive for several lifetimes. Once upon a time, a Fox spirit and the Crown Prince of the Heavens fall in love. However, some things turn bad, and they have to go through a lot of trouble to find each other again, probably in another world and a lifetime. Will they ever be together after loving each other in 3 lifetimes and three worlds?

Love till the end of Summer

This story revolves around a light-hearted theme but is also very heartwarming. It’s about young and ambitious school friends whose journeys separate after graduation. Everyone is chasing their dreams, but each with their changes, struggles, departures, betrayals, or deaths of loved ones. They start doubting their friendship, but will they overcome it and move forward?

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A Love so beautiful

A love so beautiful is a high school drama that revolves around school classmates and neighbors, a cheerful girl who likes the “perfect” guy known for his good looks and high grades. The show takes the audience on a high school journey with the characters, and it is a cute and light-hearted binge.

Ashes of Love

Ashes of love are a fantasy romance that will talk mostly about passion but with many other angles. It will take the audience on a journey of love and sacrifice and how everything comes after a price is paid. Ashes of love are power-packed with everything necessary: epic battles, power struggles, friendship, family bonds, and loyalty.


If you are a romance lover and enjoy watching dramas that involve love stories that will make your heart warm but will also be light on the head, these top 5 Chinese dramas are a must-watch. They are perfect when you need a light binge but also a captivating storyline. If you’re interested in learning more about entertainment, web series, and more, stay tuned to world wire.

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