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    Real America Voice provides the latest news and information on various issues in the country.

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    You can watch Real America’s Voice Live 24×7 here on this page.

    About Real America Voice

    Americas Voice is a platform that supports the real voice of America! The Americas Voice keeps a listener at the center of the story during a time where traditional values continue to be trampled upon by conglomerate news networks.

    Get involved with Real Americas Voice…and never forget who represents the people’s true voice! If you’re tired of politicians and mega-media outlets telling you what to think and feel, then get involved with Real Americas Voice!

    Our mission at Real America’s Voice is to flip the script on today’s one-way news. We are instead seeking a high level of audience participation throughout our 24/7 programming. You’re no longer just watching… you’re contributing! Finally, there’s a platform for your news, your opinions, and your voice…it’s Real Americas Voice!

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    • What idiot thought it was a good idea to play that annoying music during your commercial break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      How about NO STUPID MUSIC AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Col. Allen West is the only Warrior Governor in the 50 States. He will kick the Soros Khazarian Mafia Fake-Jew Imposters out of Texas. The Cowardly Feckless, other Governors, don’t even have the courage to name the real enemies of Patriot Americans. The Soros Imposter Jews are now in control of every important Cabinet Position in the Biden Administration and Bureaucracy. Biden sold out to these Anti-Christ bastards and now they control the Presidency, the House and the Senate. I urge all Patrios to arm and be ready to defend yourselves this year. The Soros Imposter Jews will order Biden to Initiate a Military Coup. They are going for the “Big Enchilada” because they dare not allow the Conservatives to take back the House and Senate. This would mean investigations and charges of Treason against them. Biden would be impeached.

        • Putin, of Russia, had a Jewish mother (Imposter- not biological Middle Eastern Jew) and Putin is a member in good standing with the Khazarian Mafia. The intent of the Soros and the Khazarian Mafia is to topple the American Government, and then join with their Allies, Russia and CCP, to dominate the
          World. Patriots…these Powers are the Anti-Christ spoken of in Revelation. America must fall, first, and Biden has done a bang-up job of doing just that with the Khazar Jew Imposters, imbedded within our Government. They now control the Government. Their last act will be to disarm the American Patriots and Initiate a Military Coup. That will happen this year!!!

    • Please some understand and broadcast the state of Texas and other boarder state have the sovereign right to defend their boards irregardless of the feds. Look at the articles in the constitutions that so states. We need governors to get some balls and stand up to the invasion…..our constitution so provides for this independent sovereignty. Catch them. No processing . Hand them food water send them back. Look it up Americans and wake up. It’s states right.

    • This is great. Bumbling Biden is sucking wind and is going to get us close to a real war because he does not like Putin because Putin and Trump got along. Trump warned us about NATO. NATO is not holding up its end. Dump NATO and the UN. 80% of Americans do not know what a Ukraine is and could care less.


    • This Country, USA, Has More Oil Underground and Could Change The Worlds Economy In Just Days, If Not Weeks!!!

    • Why do we not have the same Scrutiny with anyone who receives donations on either side of the isle?

      Is this a divide and conquer?

    • I am hesitating to watch your programming since you harp on telling the truth and you let false advertising fund your programs. Take Teeter fit spine for instance. He says he knows what it’s like to have back problems and he is in his 80’s and he feels great. How can a dead person know what it feels like to have back problems and he is six feet under and he feels great? Come on man! (as our dictator would say) let’s be honest and get these false advertising off your program. As it is now, I am so tired on the same commercials, I switch the channel every time a commercial come on.

    • I have a COWBOY LOGIC solution to political campaigns that will solve the problems of the “well, we tried the same old tried and usually wrong system and barely won/lost” cycle.

      All I need is Legal help to protect my Intellectual Property Rights.
      Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.

      It’s simple, easy to grasp and use effectively.
      Even your horse will kick you for not picking it up years ago.
      I have tried to contact my reps. both at the local, county, State and Andrew Clyde with not even a return phone call or email response.

      By selective licensing the plan to only Trump supported Candidates they WILL WIN across the board.

    • Why is the guide on Dish Network messed up for Real Americas Voice and only that channel? We can’t DVR our favorite shows now!!

    • I ran into a woman yesterday at a grocery store that was looking for formula for her niece. She herself used to work at a grocery store and went to the former grocery store, went to the back room and saw infant formula sitting on pallets not out on the shelves. She grabbed one and paid for it. The manager of the store then called her and said hey were you in the back of the store and did you grab formula off of the pallet? She said yes. She said why is it sitting in the back of the store. His response “I’m not supposed to put it out on the shelves in until a certain date”. There is formula in the back of many stores just waiting. Colorado Springs, Colorado

    • This live stream might be OK, but the OTA (over-the-air) station voice and video is off by a mile, it’s like watching in Japanese. It started out OK (with a 10 to 30 second lapse of voice when you first turn on the channel), bu 2 weeks in, and now everyday it’s unwatchable. SYNC-UP people!

    • All the talk about getting out the vote is not going to do us any good unless we find a way to ENSURE no Dem interference with the polls!!!

    • Love you two. I retired as a Cowboy Church Pastor out in western Colorado, on the Great Sage Plain (Cortez). I’ve been a western performer as well with 3 albums out. I love your show and really appreciate the cowboy logic. I’d love to be a guest and share a song or two. God bless.

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