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    Brannon Howse is a New York City-based journalist and author, and he hosts the popular “Brannon Howse Radio” podcast, which is now in its third season. He is the founder of Worldview Weekend™ and as the current President of WVW Broadcast NetworkWhere he talks to guests every day about topics of the day, spiritual issues, how to live a more abundant life, prophecy, Bible-based family issues, and much more.

    Tune in every day for a new podcast as well as live shows every week. The Worldview Weekend™ Radio app makes it easy to listen to podcast-style mp3 audio-on-demand any time, anywhere. Welcome to Worldview Weekend™ Radio, where you can listen to Christian talk radio host Brannon Howse and other hosts for small group teaching, interviews, and daily news.

    Michael James Lindell, alias My Pillow Guy, businessman, and entrepreneur. In addition to founding and leading My Pillow, Inc., he also runs a bedding and slipper manufacturing business. Mike Lindell is a patriot and a true Donald trump supporter.

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    • I have a question, what can we do here in Michigan to stop having dominion machines? Can we get a petition from now until 2022 to get enough signature’s so we can go back to paper ballots? Don’t say call my representatives, I have done that several time and it changes nothing. We are run by stupid democrat’s that have committed fraud in the first place. Michiganders have 0 confidence that they won’t do it again.

      • I have a question, what can we do here in Michigan to stop having dominion machines? Can we get a petition from now until 2022 to get enough signature’s so we can go back to paper ballots? Don’t say call my representatives, I have done that several time and it changes nothing. We are run by stupid democrat’s that have committed fraud in the first place. Michiganders have 0 confidence that they won’t do it again.

    • Mike, I think your idea of the special sole in your slippers that you used as a
      Recoil pad for your shotgun would be great for our seniors who still enjoy trap shooting, but don’t like the kick. Maybe it would be a good added product to sell?
      Just a thought.

    • Dominion Machines are fine. YOU ALL are such dumb losers that think the election was rigged.
      You fools also think Trump gives a shit about you. HE HATES LOW LIFE WHITE TRASH.

      • …poor Paul… you think you’re significant,… don’t you. Your spouting of useless biased fact-less rhetoric off of your Communist manifesto index cards will be believed by anyone other than your OWN sheeple is an exercise in futility. But you can always go burn cities and terrorize the town folks like the brown-shirts of yesteryear, so go put on your black hoodie and mask as you won’t intimidate anyone here.

    • Guys Mike is a great cult follower. I am too I gave all my savings to stop the steal. I thought Aug Trump would return but maybe November. Well Trump is my god and everything he says it the Truth. I will follow him and drink posion if he asked me to.

    • Please show the new call in number on the screen. I wanted to call in on the Lindell Report but wasn’t able to write down the number quick enough when it was given.

    • I have a really hard time getting Lindell TV live streaming programs!!! I can’t find a way to enter without having to fill out all my id information every single time I open my iPhone!! Is there an app with an icon ???? I have gotten the Real America’s Voice app. When I enter Lindell or Frank Speech websites, I have to spend a lot of time trying to enter all my information . I joined Frank Speech but it’s like many times a day I’m totally unknown!! . What should I do to be able to open the live stream broadcast easily several times a day????

    • Please explain how to get Lindell TV. I had access once but can’t access it again. All I get is the add for My Pillow a couple times a day! What I’d like is Mike’s and Brandon Howse’s news. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that no matter how hard I try or where I search. Is it it really even real? Thanks for someone’s help.

    • what I still do not understand how this is happening in the USA and nothing is really being done . Sad day for our country< thank you mike for all you have done . All this is treason and all guilty should be hung in public so this will never happen again .

    • The jobs report was a lot better than what they had believed it would be because they counted illegals taking our jobs at peanut wages.

    • Please don’t take take this wrong I have been watching frank speech since day one enjoy you passion. I to have the same passion, but I wish when you have a guest I wonder what they are their for over and over they sit and never hear much from them. You keep repeating your same talking points this was the problem I had with Sean Hannity he was all ways over talking the guest looking forward to the fight to get re-take our election
      Not sure if this will make it to Mike hopefully it will be read
      PS I am in recovery sobriety date July 28 1982

    • truck convoy needs focus. best if convoy stay until repeal of legal protection of Pfizer etc for the mandated “vaccines”, and Pfizer fully release their “vaccine” pre-release trials.

    • To: Mike Lindell,

      Shouldn’t you be jumping off of a cliff already? You are completely insane! You had a business that was successful and now that has gone to HELL! Because you have gone nuts over Trump! Trump is nothing but a giant rat and he continues to chew at you and drag you down and you’re falling for him over and over again! How much money did you give him??? Don’t be another sucker! Are you now going to give you’re money to him because he wants a new plane? Don’t do it he will drain you dry! Don’t fall for this cockroach he should be in jail for all of the crap he has pulled and has gotten away with!!! If it was anyone else they would be sitting in jail just like that, but he is a (Rat, Cockroach and Snake) Don’t fall for this idiot he has been impeached twice more than any president in the United States. He is dangerous to this country! We need one good Judge to say enough is enough and say you are going to jail for the rest of your life for all of the corruption you have pulled in your life time and now it’s time you serve your sentence and will never get away with your crimes ever again! No more it’s over Trump needs to pay for all of the crimes he has committed! And Mike you need to save your company and employees you can’t tell me that they are not worried about there jobs!!! Your going off of the deep end!!! Get your shit together go and seek help from a psychiatrist get on some medication talk with a counselor there is no shame in any of this I see a psychiatrist I am on medication for Bipolar I am doing fine and living a normal life and feel better than ever, but you are falling off of the deep end! Please do yourself a favor God is saying! Mike you need to relax and stop over exerting yourself because your going to have a stroke and then a heart attack and how do I know this? It happened to me! I was just like you! I was ranting and was out of control I was put on a psych unit for evaluation and had to be put on medication to help calm me down, but before any of this happened I did have a stroke and then a heart attack I nearly died and I was above my body and saw the doctors working on me and God said “It’s not your time” And he brought me back down and said “Live your life and enjoy life” So that’s what I have done I help people and now I feel better than ever and continue to take the medications as prescribed and I feel wonderful! God Loves Us All, But As God Had Told Me Enjoy Life! That’s What You Need To Do. Stop worrying about what should be! You can’t change this country or the world, but you can change yourself.

    • Thank ,good news… I think, USA,EU,NATO must sent the GROUPS in UKRAIN with UN for beeing rescures the UKRAINES and arrest PUTIN and his robert groups

    • trump vodka.
      trump university.
      trump airlines.
      trump steaks.
      trump casinos.
      trump magazine.
      trump riot.


    • If trumps runs again, who in their right mind would be his vice president after the “hang Mike Pence thing”?