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Daily news from the USA: Breaking News, World News, and US Local News

India-USA Relationship

Daily news from the USA: A man from Newyork says… the fear of the coronavirus is not new to New York. This has been going on since January. I returned from India in late January, spending the winter vacation. At that time, only Coronavirus was discussed in class, in the library, and in the coffee house.  Chinese colleagues were telling how the situation got out of hand and the Chinese government remained helpless.

My classmate Hanna bought masks and gloves in New York and sent her family and friends to China by courier. 

Daily news from the USA: Breaking News, World News, and US Local News

Daily news from the USA
Daily news from the USA

Today she is a patient of Corona herself and now her family is coupling Mask-Gloves from China to New York. By mid-February, discussions were on in New York to apply masks, clean hands for 20 seconds, and keep the sanitizer in the bag.

School closed after 10 days The same situation was with the central and state governments, who were unable to decide whether and when to stop. When there was talk of closing the schools, the parents protested that if they go to work, then who will see the children and feed them. 

Children from many poor families depend on schools for breakfast and lunch. This situation is similar to India’s dependence on the mid-day meal. However, the schools continued to provide food and the schools closed 10 days after the university closed.

The government anticipates late My landlord and his wife are teachers in the government school and they were called to the school and started doing workshops. Meanwhile, tourists continued to visit clothing shops, malls, and restaurants in Times Square. 

One of the busiest airports in the world, John F. The government lost its sweat in closing Kennedy Airport and it was too late to make a decision here. New York has a large number of international communities.

These include people from China, South America, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa. The government should have prepared from January to save such a diverse and densely populated city. 

The weak argument of US President Donald Trump, not angry, makes him suffer that he could not pay attention to the coronavirus due to his impeachment campaign.

Daily news from the USA: Breaking News, World News, and US Local News

Daily news from the USA
Daily news from the USA

Half of US cases in New York Currently, the number of people killed by the coronavirus in the US has crossed 12 thousand, of which more than half of the cases are from New York State. At the same time, the number of people infected with the virus is about 3.37 lakh in the US and 1.25 lakh in New York State. Do not know when and where this series will stop. 

Bernie Sanders leaves candidature on Kashmir, Biden’s path cleared Bernie Sanders, who is leading the race for Democrats in the presidential election in the US, has withdrawn his nominee, nearly clearing the way for former Vice President Joe Biden. 

He issued a video message announcing it today and also thanked his supporters. It is noteworthy that Burney has been engulfed in controversies by making an unnecessary statement on the Kashmir issue when he said after removing the provisions related to Article 370 that he was worried about Kashmir.

Announcing his withdrawal from the candidacy, Bernie tweeted, ‘Today I am finishing my campaign. The campaign may have ended but the struggle for justice will continue. He further said, ‘I thank everyone for supporting me in a great grassroots election campaign which has had a huge impact on changing our country.’

When Sanders started the campaign, he felt that he would repeat the 2016 Magic. He recovered from a heart attack last October. But he did not get the support he expected. He feared that his communist thinking would draw voters.

Daily news from the USA: Breaking News, World News, and US Local News

Daily news from the USA
Daily news from the USA

Sanders was surrounded by India’s internal affairs During a meeting in September last year, he said that he was very concerned about the situation in Kashmir. He appealed to the US government to speak openly in support of the UN resolution on Kashmir.

During the conference of the Islamic Society of Northern America in Houston, he demanded immediate Internet and phone restoration in Kashmir. 

His statement came at a time when India had said on every platform that the decision related to Kashmir is our internal matter and no one should interfere in our case.

Biden will now be in front of Trump Joe Biden has moved ahead after Sanders withdrew as a strong contender in the Democratic primary election. After the announcement of Senator Sanders from Vermont, Biden will now face Trump in the presidential election due in November.

HCQ: Donald Trump to PM Narendra Modi said ‘Thanks’, says – India’s help will not be forgotten

Daily news from the USA
Daily news from the USA

The government of India has accepted the export of hydroxychloroquine to the US, which is going through the terrible crisis of the Corona epidemic. This makes US President Donald Trump very happy. Trump on Wednesday expressed his gratitude to India. In his tweet thanking PM Modi and the Indian people, he said that this help of India will not be forgotten.

He had earlier spoken to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi over the phone and sought help in the fight against Corona. He spoke of retaliating against India for not exporting hydroxychloroquine. 

Trump’s tone suddenly changed after the Indian government lifted the ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine and praised PM Modi during an interview to a TV channel. He called Modi a great leader.

On Wednesday, Trump once again thanked Modi, praising him. Trump said that close friendships are needed in extraordinary times. Thank you to India and the people of India on hydroxychloroquine. It will not be forgotten. He went on to say, “Thank you, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for his powerful leadership in helping humanity not only in this fight (against Corona) but also in helping the people of India.”

Daily news from the USA: Breaking News, World News, and US Local News

Daily news from the USA
Daily news from the USA

Rely on malaria medicine Let us know that the infection of coronavirus which has taken the form of the global epidemic is spreading rapidly in many countries of the world. Superpower countries of developed countries like Italy, and Spain have also succumbed to this virus. 

America’s eyes are now focused on India in the hope of help. According to Trump, the hydroxychloroquine drug has also shown good results in treatment with corona.

Increased demand in the Corona time Every year a large number of people are affected by malaria in India, so Indian pharmaceutical companies produce hydroxychloroquine on a large scale. Now this drug is proving effective in fighting the coronavirus, then its demand has increased. 

However, the lack of raw materials has greatly affected the production of this drug. Due to the global lockdown, Indian pharmaceutical companies have demanded the government airlift the raw material for this drug.

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