Watch Joe Biden Mocked After He Tries To Shake Hands With Imaginary Person, Biden Seemed To hallucinate

Watch Joe Biden Hallucinating on camera

What’s this episode about?

This episode was featured by Tim Pool on the channel TimCast.  In this episode, Tim Pool showed a video of US President Joe Biden appears to turn to shake someone’s hand after a speech. It left the internet shocked. This incident took place at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro where he delivered a 40-minute speech on Thursday and no one was on the stage except him. He seemed to be hallucinating.

Biden was noticed seeming lost on the stage and bizarrely turned his back to the audience as the speech finished.

The President’s speech was about the supply chain catastrophe and also occurred to press Congress to increase funding for semiconductors output.

Recent Failures of Joe Biden 

  • Joe failed to enact the Build Back Better Act.

Joe Biden failed to enact the law despite his affirmation to pass the law by Christmas. This bill included a budget of $3.5 trillion that included requirements and assistance for infrastructure and social strategies.

  • Failed to Stalled Voting Legislation.

Democrats have also flunked to pass voting rights legislation, which their Republican companions have successfully disagreed with. It commemorates the introduction of new voting constraints in Republican-led states after the consequence of the 2020 election, and former President Donald Trump’s inaccurate assertions of voter conspiracy.

  • Failed to cancel student debt

Biden promised that he would cancel at least $10,000 of student loan debt per person to nullify individual pressure imposed due to the loan.


  • Failed to manage COVID-19 Pandemic

He was aware of the harshness of the COVID pandemic and the need for beneficial measures to oversee the crisis.

Lack of administration preparation was visibly reflected in the sharp hike in cases nationwide and the shortage of testing equipment.

  • Record Inflation

President Biden’s economic failures have been pathetic.

The Biden administration ratified a substantial $1.9 trillion COVID relief assortment and passed a $1.2 trillion independent infrastructure law. Additionally, a record of  6.4 million employment was created which saw a drop in unemployment to just 3.9 per cent previous December.

On the other hand, national inflation rose to a record 6.8 per cent. It was a massive level in 40 years.

Prices of basic goods and services such as gas, food and housing went high at an extreme level.

About Timcast

Tim pool brings breaking news from all over the world and commentary on top news headlines and political and cultural issues around the nation on Channel Timecast hosted by Tim Pool.

Tim Pool

It is also known as The Tim Pool Show. Its location is in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

It featured episodes like-

  • BREAKING: Twitter Board Utilizes ‘Poison Pill’ To Stop Elon Musk From Buying The Company.
  • BREAKING: Twitter Board Utilizes ‘Poison Pill’ To Stop Elon Musk From Buying The Company.
  • BREAKING: Colin Wright Member Podcast: Science Magazine Tries Claiming Scientists Can’t Define Male Or Female.

He featured many more episodes like this.

About Tim Pool

Tim Pool ( Timothy Daniel Pool) was born on 9 March 1986 in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in a middle-class family. He attended a Catholic Church till 5th grade and quit school at the age of 14. His father was a firefighter and his mother used to sell cars.

Tim Pool

Pool is an American YouTuber, political commentator and podcast host. He first became known for his live streaming of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. He later joined Vice Media and  Fusion TV in 2014. After some time he started working independently on YouTube and other outlets.

Pool operates three channels

  • Tim Pool
  • Timcast
  • Timcast IRL

He has been active in this profession since 2011 and his genre is Political commentary.

His journey started when he streamed a live video of Occupy Wall Street. He joined  Wall Street protesters on 20 September 2011. In the meanwhile, he met Henry Ferry, a former realtor and sales manager, and they formed a media company called The Other 99 very shortly.

After some time he joined Vice Media Pool and started generating and hosting content. He formulated a new method of reporting. In 2013, he reported on the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul with Google Glass. In April 2013, Pool received a Shorty Award in the “Best Journalist in Social Media” category. From 2013 to 2014, as a Vice correspondent, He covered and live-streamed the mass protests in Ukraine that led to the destruction of the Yanukovych administration. He also covered the Ferguson violence and protests in Thailand, Turkey, and Egypt.

In 2014, he joined Fusion TV as Director of Media innovation and Senior Correspondent.

In the present year, Pool operates seven YouTube channels, known as Tim cast and Tim Pool, which feature daily political commentary, and the third channel Tim Cast IRL features Pool’s podcast. Tim’s fourth channel, Cast Castle, serves as his vlog.  Tim’s fifth channel is called Chicken City which features a live stream of chickens. The sixth one is Tales from the Inverted World which concentrates on supernatural and serial killer stories. The seventh is Pop Culture Crisis where the group talks about stories relating to comedians and movies.

In 2014, Pool helped launch Tagg. It is a mobile app that watermarks photos. Pool said he was enthusiastic about this kind of application due to experiences where others used his photographs without attribution.

In 2019, he co-founded the news company Subverse, which raised $1 million in 22 hours through regulation crowdfunding in 2019, performing the previous record on Wefunder. The service was later renamed SCNR. Pool partnered with Emily Molli and former Vice editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro. He fired both of them in January 2021.

Subscribers and Views

He has 1,290,000 subscribers in (Tim Pool), 1,100,000 in (Timcast), 1,200,000 (Tim cast IRL), 100,000 (Cast Castle)



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