Sports - IND vs KCC Live Score Watch Online Match Updates, and line up 2020

IND vs KCC Live Score Watch Online Match Updates, and line up 2020

IND vs KCC Live Score Watch Online Match Updates, and line up 2020: European Cricket series between Indiska and Kista cricket club will be held on the 18Th june 2020 at 11:30 Pm IST in Stockholm. The Indiska cricket team ranks 5th while the KCC team ranks 2nd on the scoreboard.


It will be a tough time for the Indiska cricket team as the KCC team has been constantly winning the past three matches. The run rate of the KCC team is 2.596 and they have a lead of two game points.

Indiska Playing 11

Dipanjan Dey, Arijit Ghosh, Suhash Murali, Imran Khan, Abhishek Kaul, Sanjay Kumar, Amandeep Singh, Bhargav Kumar (WK), Lalljeet Maan, Sachin Sharma, Nirmal Iyer, Ribhu Yadav, Harish Rishi, Rajesh Kumar, Chiranjeevi Vattiri, Apporv Gupta, Vinay Dhar, Rahul Yadav, Shaukat, Sanjay Kumar Sareen, Keyur Patel, Shrinkant Parmeshwar, Gurvinder Singh.

Kista cricket club Playing 11

Kashan Khan, Gazzal Mehdi, Imran Hussain, Junaid Azam, Hamza Iqbal, Aleem Muhammed Siddiqi, Shahid Nawaz, Muhammad Farahan Anwar, Fashahid Shah, Muhammad Asif, Zubair Abbas, Maqoos Badar, Chandan Khatri, Sudharma Srinivasan Damarala, Pankaj Kaul, Naeem Ullah Khan, Rizwan Baig, Ahsan Mehmood, Arif Zaidi, Nasir khan.

IND vs KCC Live Score

Team Indiska has a chance to fight in the matches since they have won 2 matches and lost 2 matches, thus creating a scenario with winning opportunities. But as compared to the run rate at which the team is at right now the KCC team stands at a better position. Although the Indiska team seems strong enough to full off a game and get back on the winning queue.


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KCC is considered the best team because it is consistently winning matches that they’ve been playing and is surely giving a tough time to the Indiska cricket team. The match will unfold on a chilling turn today and will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. All eyes will be stuck on the gameplay of the Indiska Cricket team and the strategies that will play to match up with the KCC team.

Team Indiska also lost the previous match that they played against the Pakistanska Foreningen, to win this match they had to make 104 runs in 10 over’s but they lost by making only 77 runs and couldn’t win. This is the chance for the Indiska cricket team to win against the KCC cricket team and prove that they are nowhere behind in the game.

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