Entertainment - TV Serial - MTV Roadies Revolution 8th August Written Episode Update: Who Will Get Eliminated?

MTV Roadies Revolution 8th August Written Episode Update: Who Will Get Eliminated?

The 18th season of famous youth reality show titled MTV Roadies Revolution is currently running on the Viacom channel MTV. The show is as usual hosted by a former winner of Roadies season 1, Ranvijay Singh who is continuing to do so since season 2.

Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, and Raftaar are the leaders of the MTV Roadies Revolution which started from Feb 15, stopped due to COVID-19 lockdown and re-started from August 1.

As there is no gang or gang leader concept in this season and it is based on solo survival from the beginning, so we get to see loads of twists and turns along with fantastic tasks, of course.  Hence, it will be interesting to watch the season, so tune in to MTV every Saturday at 7 PM to watch MTV Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution 8th August Written Updates

However, if you missed it then no worries…. We are here to let you know what you have missed and what you are going to witness. In this article, we have brought to you the recap of what you are going to watch in today’s episode.

We have already told you that there are 20 contestants from all over India who are fighting against each other for survival in the show. Out of these 20 contestants, 5 contestants are already immune, courtesy to their performance in the first task named Panch Tantra, which was based on the 5 senses of the human body. Akshita Sharma, Micheal Ajay, Arushi Chawla, Aman Poddar, and Jayant Yadav were victorious and won the immunity.

MTV Roadies Revolution Written Updates – Recap

Further, in the last episode, Pratibha Singh was saved by Prince Narula and she also got immunity which means she is also safe. Hence a total of 6 contestants are safe and immune while rest 14 contestants had to perform the second task to win immunity.

The second task was Meal Mile Ke in which the contestants have to prepare food for the school children and those who will get maximum sales will get the immunity. However, Ranvijay himself along with Raftaar and immune contestants performed the task against the 3 leaders and non-immune contestants to snatch their immunity, thus raising the competition bar.

The contestants managed to win 5 immunities among 14 of them as Ranvijay’s team snatched 3 immunities by earning 109 points. This led the contestants planning to save themselves by pitching for themselves and against others.

MTV Roadies Revolution Written Updates – Precap

Now coming to today’s episode, we are going to witness the first vote out of MTV Roadies Revolution. Ranvijay will tell everyone that this year’s journey will be on Jawa Motorbike. The 3 leaders Prince, Neha, and Nikhil will be asked to immune 8 contestants while Raftaar will get the power to snatch the power from one of the leaders to immune contestants. Raftaar will take power from Neha.

Contestants will pitch to Prince and Nikhil to save them. While pitching Sakib and Aman get into argument. After saving 8 contestants, the immune contestants were then asked to snatch the 3 immunities from the 8. They decide to snatch the immunity of Sakib, Sapna, and Nisha.

Shakib Khan is going to be eliminated as we have seen that many were against him considering him as a threat and overconfident. The first vote out of season 18 is going to be intense as we will see verbal spat among the contestants along with involvement from the leaders as well.

The next day the contestants will be seen doing another task named ‘Yoga Now’ involving Yoga, Rafting, and collecting the ball, in which Nikhil will win Aloe fresh juice advantage and decides the order as Nikhil, Prince, Raftaar, and Neha to choose contestants. Team Prince will come first followed by Raftaar, and Nikhil, while team Neha was disqualified as they were fourth.

So guys tune in to MTV at 7 PM today and watch the action live on your favourite show MTV Roadies Revolution to witness the intense first vote out of the season.

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