Latest News - USA - Rath Yatra 2020 Cancelled? Supreme Court stated on Rath Yatra in Public Welfare!

Rath Yatra 2020 Cancelled? Supreme Court stated on Rath Yatra in Public Welfare!

Rath Yatra 2020 Cancelled? Supreme Court stated on Rath Yatra in Public Welfare: The Supreme Court stated on Rath Yatra on Thursday at the Jagannatha shrine in Puri on June 23. In its decision, the Supreme Court also stated that all activities recognized with it would end after the coronavirus pandemic.

“In light of a legitimate concern for the general welfare and safety of residents, the activity of the Rat Yatra cannot be allowed this year in Puri Jagannatha, Odisha,” the Supreme Court said.

Rath Yatra Cancelled

Such gatherings cannot be held during an episode of coronavirus, according to the report, which includes that “Lord Jagannatha will not excuse us if we allow Rat Yatra this year, such a gigantic gathering cannot occur during a pandemic.” “

Legal Council chaired by the Designated Central Authority of India SA After hearing an announcement reporting the withdrawal of this year’s celebration, Bobde chose: “We think it is prudent to protect respondents from leading Rath Yatra this year in light of a legitimate concern for the general welfare and safety of residents. We declare that Rat Yatra will not be held in the Odisha Shrine. “

Hearing Vikas Parishad’s announcement, the CJI noted: “The ruler Jagannatha will not forgive us if we allow this to continue. The exercises identified with Rat Yatra are excluded.”

Rath Yatra 2020

CJI also plans that general or strict exercises identified with Rat Yatra are not conducted for the current year. The case was transferred to the conference after a month.

General Specialist Mukul Rohatgi, speaking as a candidate during the consultation, said that an oath meeting of individuals could not be taken into account yatra regarding the COVID pandemic.

“It will be difficult to contain such a huge meeting. In fact, even the Olympics were postponed to this year,” said the CEO.

As the legitimate news site Live Law indicates, intruders have approached CJI more than once for ceremonies that must be conducted as they are strict in nature.

Although SG Tushar Mehta says that the delicacy of the investigation requires some customs to be established, the CJI would not recognize the accommodation, saying: “The word ‘Jaggan’ originates from Jagannatha; Puri Jagannatha cannot be stopped. Then Lord Jagannath cannot be stopped for this. “

Jagannatha Puri Rat Yatra 2020

Rath Yatra 2020

Jagannatha Puri Rat Yatra, considered one of the largest chariot celebrations in India, started on June 23 this year.

To seal the festival, the chariots of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra, and the Goddess Subhadra extend along the Great Road from the Jagannatha Shrine to the Gundich Shrine, a good distance of 2.5 km.

Consistently, large numbers of fans rush to the seaside town of Puri to catch a glimpse of the resurrected deities after 19 years in chariots at the Rat Yatra event, denoting the largest strict gathering in Odis.

To praise this year’s Jagannatha Puri Rat Yatra, the Odisha legislature was asked to transmit hardware or substantial elephants to pull the chariots.

The choice was made after an episode of coronavirus and preventive obstruction.

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