Entertainment - Celebrities - Rob Schmitt Wife – Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Rob Schmitt Wife – Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Rob Schmitt Wife - Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Even though Rob Schmitt is open about his life and regularly posts on his social media account, we still have questions, like Who is Rob Schmitt Wife? Why did Rob Schmitt leave Fox News? Is Rob Schmitt Gay? Is Rob Schmitt dating someone? And more.

Some journalists form relations with their audience and are like celebrities to them. The audience turns on the specific show to watch them deliver the news because they trust them. And when they leave the show, it is heartbreaking for the audience who have been with them for quite a long time.

That is what happened when Rob Schmitt left Fox News. Rob Schmitt is a former Fox News show Fox & Friends First host.

When he left the show, people started searching about Rob Schmitt’s personal life, such as his wife, dating life, and some rumors.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Is Rob Schmitt Married?

Even though there have been several rumors about Rob Schmitt‘s married life, Rob is actually unmarried.

He posts pictures with many female celebs, friends, and fans on his Instagram account, but he never provides any caption to explain who they are. This is the reason there have been several rumors talking about Rob Schimitt’s married life.

Who is Rob Schmitt Wife?

As mentioned earlier, Rob Schmitt isn’t married and, hence, doesn’t have a wife. He has never dropped any photos of himself with someone, implying he is married. Considering how much he posts on Instagram, he still likes to keep his love life private.

He is not shy about sharing goofy pictures of himself and his friends. Rob likes to focus on his professional life, and when he left Fox News, he decided to work in a new city. He stated that moving to a new city was hard, and he had to settle down, so he had no time to date someone.

Is Rob Schmitt dating someone?

Rob always appears more concerned with his professional life and family than a romantic relationship. He is not seeing anyone now and is living his best single life.

On March 8, 2018, Rob Schmitt tweeted that he was single and had never lived a married life before. The tweet came after a rumor of Rob being married spread like wildfire. He cleared everything with the tweet.

We have mentioned that Rob does not shy away from posting his personal life on Instagram and Twitter. But none of his posts indicates that he is seeing someone or in a relationship.

Rumors about Jillian Mele & Rob Schmitt

Jillian Mele & Rob Schmitt

In 2020, a rumor of Rob Schmitt dating Jillian Mele spread nationwide. Jillian was a co-host on Fox & Friends’ First show on Fox News alongside Rob Schmitt. Viewers liked their chemistry and saw them as a couple.

Mele and Schmitt used to host the Fox & Friends First-Morning show. When Rob left the show and joined Newsmax, the rumors started floating. The rumors became more intense when Jillian left Fox in October 2021.

It was implied by the viewers that Jillian left because of Rob, and both of them are dating. But soon after that, Jillian tweeted that all the rumors were false. She went to Twitter and cleared things up before it got out of hand.

Why did Rob Schmitt leave Fox?

Rob Schmitt left Fox in August 2020. It was revealed shortly after that he joined and started a new role at Newsmax. Rob has previously talked about his life as a journalist and the problems and limitations he had to face.

He stated that his job as a television journalist required him to uproot his entire life on several occasions. “I would say every 2-3 years, I had to uproot my entire life and start all over in a different city. When you’re just getting comfortable in Los Angeles, you’re told you’re going to New York but don’t know anyone there.”

Rob also stated that all these lifestyle changes convince people to leave the news business. He also admitted that he needed time to think about his career, and leaving Fox News was part of that.

He stated that smiling on TV is not a reporter’s everyday life. The challenge is more complex than everyone thinks.

Is Rob Schmitt Gay?

In 2014, a rumor speculated that Rob Schmitt was gay. The rumor started when a gay massage therapist, Enrique Ramirez, shared a picture with Rob on Instagram. Enrique’s post implied Rob was his boyfriend with some hashtags.

But neither Enrique nor Rob further clarified on the post, and the speculations remained rumors.


Who Rob Schmitt Wife?

Rob Schmitt is not married because he is focusing on his career.

Is Rob Schmitt Gay?

Rob Schmitt is not gay. The speculation started in 2014 after an Instagram post, but those speculations are still rumors.

Why Did Rob Schmitt leave Fox News?

Rob Schmitt left Fox News because he wanted a break from his professional life and wanted to start afresh.

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