Networth - Sharon LaDay Net Worth – How Much is She Worth?

Sharon LaDay Net Worth – How Much is She Worth?

Sharon LaDay Net Worth - How Much is She Worth?

Want to know about entrepreneur, investor, and businesswoman Sharon LaDay Net worth? She serves as a start-up mentor, advising potential companies on the industry.

The successful American businesswoman has experience working with prominent angel investment firms like Golden Seeds. The angel investment firm specializes in businesses run by women.

Do you want to know more about this remarkable woman? Let’s track her on her quest for financial success.

Sharon LaDay Net Worth 2023

American entrepreneur, angel investor, and highly desired keynote speaker Sharon LaDay has been employed full-time as a senior director at ServiceNow, an angel investor at Golden Seeds, and an active participant in several nonprofit groups.

Since 1996, Sharon LaDay has been working. She has decades of expertise, including working at significant corporations and contributing financially to private initiatives.

Sharon LaDay has an estimated net worth of $10 million in 2023.

Sharon LaDay Salary and Earnings

The highest-paid start-up mentor in the US makes about $76,000 a year. As a board member for numerous organizations, she receives income.

Sharon LaDay Biography and Early Life

Sharon LaDay
Age 49 years
Date of Birth June 1, 1974
Place of Birth Huston, Texas
Entrepreneur, Investor, and businesswoman
Annual Salary $10 million
Net Worth

On June 1, 1974, Sharon LaDay was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States. No information is known about her parents, siblings, or any family members.

She attended a nearby school to complete her education after being born and reared in the US. Sharon attended Texas A&M University to earn her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Later, at Columbia Business School, she earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Sharon is a skilled businessperson and angel investor. She has extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and start-up investing.

She also has knowledge and expertise in educational technology and enterprise infrastructure solutions. Due to her efforts in these sectors, LaDay has earned a sizable net worth of $10 million.

Her private life is also revealed because she is inactive on social media. She appears to be more preoccupied with her career than her personal life.

Early Career and Transition to New Roles

Early Career and Transition to New Roles

In 1996, Sharon LaDay started her career as an operating system engineer with Sprint. Later, in 1998, she relocated to Lectra, where she worked as a Data Management Product Specialist. She worked for Lectra until 1999 when she joined Datalink as an Enterprise Data Systems Engineer.

For Datalink, she created and implemented high-availability and disaster recovery solutions.

In 2001, Sharon LaDay quit Datalink and started working as an intern at Cisco Systems. She spent four months with Cisco. A few years later, Cisco bought Andiamo Systems, LaDay’s business.

Sharon started working for Veritas Technologies LLC in June 2003. At Veritas, she held the Financial Services Vertical Marketing Manager position until March 2006.

She started working for EMC Corporation in 2007 as a Senior Marketing Manager. Sharon was the Director of Corporate Strategy and Development for Wimba Inc. from 2007 until 2013. She completed numerous tasks for Wimba Inc., including market research and analysis.

Sharon spent two years working for the College Board as well. She has worked as a board trustee for Helene Fuld College of Nursing in NYC since 2010. A nonprofit organization called College Board assists underprivileged students in attending college.

At Macmillan New Ventures, Sharon worked as vice president in April 2013. She played a role that was crucial for the organization. She was responsible for developing growth plans for new markets and global partnerships.

In January 2016, Sharon resigned from MacMillan and worked as a SaaS Start-up Consultant at Marinda Management LLC in New York.

Sharon LaDay left Marinda and accepted an important position at IBM. Until July 2020, LaDay worked for IBM as a Blockchain Ecosystem Leader. She developed and carried out growth plans for several portfolios of start-ups at IBM.

At the FinTech company Metaprise Solutions, she briefly worked as a Growth Product Management Consultant.

Net Worth Growth Overview

Sharon LaDay has had a prosperous career in the finance industry since 1996. She has participated in numerous businesses as an angel investor and a role model. Sharon LaDay has a $10 million net worth as of now.

The highest-paid start-up mentor in the United States makes about $76,000 a year. Sharon helps start-ups at the early stages of their development through the fiercely competitive start-up ecosystem. She also participates in a few of these projects as a co-leader.

It’s quite obvious where LaDay gets his money from. As a board member for numerous organizations, she is paid. She also makes money from her wise investments in various business endeavors. She currently works for ServiceNow as a senior director.

LaDay has significantly impacted the FinTech sector for a woman who maintains such a low profile. She maintains a secluded existence by dividing her work and personal lives.

Sharon LaDay Angel Investor

Sharon LaDay made most of her net worth through investing. She is an enthusiastic angel investor who has contributed significantly to accomplishing numerous enterprises.

She has experience working for start-ups in the education sector, like Wimba. Sharon has worked on start-ups in storage networking, like Andiamo Systems.

LaDay offers early-stage business strategic advice. She primarily collaborates with businesses that use modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence. She also backs start-up businesses preparing to enter the blockchain sector.

The start-ups Sharon LaDay promotes have benefited from her knowledge of marketing tactics.


How many children does Sharon Laday have?

Sharon LaDay maintains her privacy. Hence, her husband and children are not known.

When was Sharon LaDay born?

Sharon LaDay was born in Houston, Texas, on July 1, 1974.

How much is Sharon LaDay net worth?

LaDay has earned a sizable net worth of $10 million due to her involvement in multiple sectors.

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