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    About Steve Bannon

    Additionally, he has Irish and German ancestry. He graduated from Benedictine College Preparatory high school in Richmond, Virginia in 1971, which is a private, catholic, military high school. He also worked hard in the summer at a local junkyard. From the late 1970s through the early 1980s, Bannon served as a Naval officer. Following his military service, he worked as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs for two years. He is very enthusiastic about the work he has done.

    That is why Steve Bannon has become a famous face on the Google pages today. After leaving the White House, Steve Bannon turned against the Republican Party. The Republican Party has its headquarters in the United States. During the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, Bannon became a prominent strategist in the White House.

    War Room By Steve Bannon

    Now, let us take a look at Steve Bannon’s War Room film, which he co-hosts. There are reports that five people have died in the riot. There are rioters who are planning to disrupt the new presidential building of Joe Biden. Additionally, TheWrap considers that YouTube’s spokesperson is speaking in a suspicious manner. Steve Bannon’s channel “War Room” and one associated channel have been terminated according to our Strikes policy for repeatedly violating our Community Guidelines.

    How to watch Steve Bannon’s podcast?

    War Room” is a six-days-a-week alternate reality akin to Trump’s banned Twitter account revived in audio form. In the War Room fantasyland, Trump won the 2020 presidential elections, and his victory was ripped from his hands by a sprawling list of cheats and deceivers.

    War Room elaborates how the election was stolen from Trump in episode after episode. One of his regular guests is Mike Lindell, the pillow businessman who makes claims regarding fraudulent elections so ludicrous that Fox has refused to air ads that have invoked them.

    The podcast is available on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. 

    Topics Discussed in Steve Bannon’s War Room

    • Politics
    • Current Affairs
    • Conservative News
    • Current Events
    • And much more

    Steps to watch War Room Online

    You can watch Steve Bannon’s Livestream live here on this page.

    Scroll above and watch the live stream of the show. Steve Bannon mostly streams with the Ceo of Mypillow, Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell is a known face in the United States and he often makes appearances on the war room podcast hosted by Steve Bannon.

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    • I’m with you SKB these low life’s bought and paid for feckless boot licking hypocrites make me sick.. Joy/Reid/Bahar Rachel Madcow and the perverts at CNN

    • Warning to all who want to join President Trump’s Truth Social!!! I wanted to join and got caught up in a fraud scam called ( This is not on President Trump, period. I believe (Big tech) has a hand in this because they hate him so much! I lost $$$$$$ but will not turn my back on the best President ever, President Donald Trump.

    • Black out on super u In Canada!!!
      9 viewers
      DAILY | Police crackdown in Ottawa begins
      Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great Rebel content. Please consider supporting Rebel News by making a donation, purchasing a RebelNews+ subscriptio…

    • Pastor Art. Pastor Artur Pawlowski was denied bail in a decision that left Artur, his family and his legal counsel Sarah Miller shocked.

      While we may have to wait a day or two for the written ruling to be released, and at the time you’ll be able to read Judge Erin Olsen’s words for yourself, you surely won’t be surprised to learn that she hardly seemed impartial in her ruling. In fact, she not only denied Artur bail, she also unprovokedly stated that the crown had a very strong case against Artur when the trial commences.

      Bail is usually denied when someone poses a threat to society, which might make sense in the case of a gangster or drug dealer, but all Pastor Artur ever did was preach, feed the homeless and open his church.

      That, in COVID-19 Alberta, is apparently a threat to society.

      Immediately following the court’s decision, I joined the Pawlowski family at their home to discuss the ongoing persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

      Marzena, Artur’s wife, Nathaniel, his son, and Dawid, his brother, all shared their thoughts and feelings about the struggles over these last two years, and indeed the last two decades. The family is heartbroken and disgusted, but they are far from done standing up for freedom and for Pastor Artur.

      If you missed our up to the minute Twitter updates from Sheila Gunn Reid on the court proceedings or my live updates from the Calgary Remand Centre, you can catch up here.

      Also stayed tuned to and follow Rebel News on social media for an upcoming exclusive interview with Pastor Artur’s legal counsel, Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, to break down this decision.

      Now, more than ever, Pastor Artur needs your help. Make at tax-deductible donation to The Democracy Fund at today to help keep lawyers hard at work in defence of Pastor Artur.


    • In Ottawa police goose stepping to trudeau the dictator rules! I never would of dreamed in my worse nightmare this would take place in our once FREE country! I have lost all respect for most police in this nation. The police even arrested trudeau’s x sniper who protected him in the pass.

    • In Canada Rebel reporter attacked by police!!!
      Dear mike,

      Moments ago, Trudeau’s police attacked our reporter Alexa Lavoie.

      She was simply doing her job: documenting Canada’s shocking descent into martial law. She’s not a protester. She’s a journalist. But she’s not one of Trudeau’s journalists.

      So when one of Trudeau’s cops spotted her today, he made a bee-line for her. He beat her with a stick, and he shot her in the leg with a tear gas canister. Take a look:

      BREAKING: Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie attacked by Ottawa


    • Trudeau not acting like a dictator! He is a dictator!!! The (rcmp) once the pride and envy of the world now have become the turd’s Nazi’s. I will NEVER trust the rcmp again for as long as I live. They shot a Rebel journalist Alexa at close range with a tear gas canister putting her in sever pain. I wish President Trump was in power and put trudeau in his place for good, Gitmo Bay, Canada is no longer a free country. We share 5000 miles of unprotected border and are very close friends. We the people of Canada will always be one of the USA’s best friends, period.

    • WATCH: Former RCMP Officer alerts public of possible convoy sabotage
      Former RCMP sniper Cpl. Daniel Bulford, who is serving as head of security for the Freedom Convoy, has delivered a PSA alerting the public of possible sabotage on the convoy to facilitate the forcible removal of peaceful demonstrators.

    • what about google classroom which parents were required to allow their children to use during the pandemic?

      • Google Classroom is Required to allow Children because In Pandemic situations Study Should not Break or inregular and children would Be Study Regular. and would be Safe in Pandemic

    • Satellite Phones will work anywhere and without the use of cell towers? BS !!!
      They will only work with batteries that are charged. And how will you charge those batteries if there is no power????? Total BS

    • I keep hearing Steve Bannon talk about his 6 oclock show but nobody ever tell me where can I find this 6 oclock show? On what station? On what platform?

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