Latest News - Who is Pooja Dhillon who crushed a puppy under her feet? She was arrested and got a bail right after?

Who is Pooja Dhillon who crushed a puppy under her feet? She was arrested and got a bail right after?

The Internet is filled with videos where we can see people being cruel to animals. We see many people being too violent and abusive towards animals, and this is not unique that we have come across such videos. One such horrible video that surfaced on the Internet was of a woman named Pooja Dhillon, who was seen crushing a puppy under her feet; the video sends a rage of the horror of what capabilities people have towards a speechless puppy.

Who is Pooja Dhillon who crushed a puppy under her feet?

The Lucknow police have filed a case against Pooja Dhillon, and they have arrested her, and the other process will take place. The FIR was filed under Ms. Kamna Pandey, where a case was filed on Pooja Dhillon and her husband Raj Dhillon under the Animal Rights Acts and Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code. When the lawsuit was filed, the officials later arrested her in her residence in Lucknow. But right after this, another piece of news came out that they have been able to get bail on the case.

What was on the video that went viral on the Internet?

A few days ago, one video that caught people’s attention was when a woman crashed a speechless puppy under her feet. The puppy was howling slowly in pain, but the woman did not stop at this; she kept putting her feet on the little puppy. The agony of the puppy can be seen in the video, and its pain is undeniable. A similar video surfaced on the Internet where a woman is heard (could be Pooja Dhillon) crushing another puppy with her car’s back. And another point in this video was there was the voice of a man who was giving her guidelines on how to torture the puppy even more. He was telling her how to torture and kill the poor puppy.

Animal cruelty has been increasing day by day, and there is no denying that no one is safe from people with such a mindset. People like these exist in our countries that are cruel to animals, especially those on the street and elsewhere. There is nothing that these small little creatures do to them, but they are merely mean to them and find pleasure in hurting these animals. These videos are just a tiny example of how people are, and it is good that people who have seen this video raged their voice against it because it is time that everyone stands against animal cruelty and speak for the speechless. For more such updates on the case and more, stay tuned to world wire.

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