Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world, top 5

complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world : In this modern age presently, we have been seeing many incredible wonders related to science for many years. From the darkness of space to the depths of the sea, there is a discussion of science itself.

So today I am going to introduce you to a new aspect of science and that aspect is Medical Science. Yes! Today I am going to tell you about the deadliest viruses in the world.

Friends, before this, we have talked about many topics related to corona. Therefore, coming a bit far away from the daily news update, today, we are ready to go on the journey of new science.

complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

Zika virus: Complete information about Zika virus

Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world
Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

Buddies! If I tell you the name of the world’s greatest and deadliest Virus? So, your answer will probably be HIV. But fellows, this answer is not correct at all as the cycle of time passes and as science progresses. In the same way, every day, people are seizing new diseases.

That is why in today’s era, no society can survive this most deadly Virus for so long, so, the name of the world’s most fatal Virus is Zika Virus, yes! Colleagues, Zika Virus, is the topic of discussion around the world as it is known to be the most dangerous and deadly disease.

Zika Virus is found mostly in areas with tropical and sub-tropical climates. Due to this Virus, the pregnant woman may also have a miscarriage, and the child cannot develop properly. If this Virus happens to an adult, then his brain does not work correctly. Apart from this, there can be many types of Neurological disorders.

Symptoms of Zika Virus

It can happen to any person when bitten by mosquitoes. Therefore, you cannot easily detect its symptoms. But some people first notice fever after 2 to 8 days of being bitten by mosquitoes.

After the fever, the patient starts having red sores on the skin. Apart from this, they begin to have muscle tightness and pain in the lumps.
Some people have headaches, and eyes turn red.

The reason for the spread of this bacterium (Virus) or the cause of Zika disease:

A child born from the womb of a mother suffering from Zika disease may yield from Zika disease. Due to unsafe vaginal connections and blood transfusion, this disease can quickly spread.

Zika Virus treatment

You will be a little disappointed to know that there is no permanent and effective treatment of Zika Virus yet. But yes! Acetaminophen can be treated temporarily by this.

Well, many vaccines are being made on it right now, which can be very beneficial in the diagnosis of this disease in future. So, moving on in this article based on the deadliest viruses in the world, let’s know about other infections.

Nipah Virus: Complete information about Nipah Virus

Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world
Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

In 1999, Nipah Virus was first spotted in Malaysia. After this, it was seen for the second time in Bangladesh in the year 2001. Let me tell you here that Nipah Virus can quickly enter India as Bangladesh is a neighbouring country of India.

It was even seen in some parts of India adjoining Bangladesh. Seeing the intensity of the spread of this Virus, many countries have done a lot of research to eliminate it from the root.

Symptoms of Nipah

This Virus is a Zoonotic Virus (Virus that spreads from animals to humans). The first symptoms of fever, cold and vomiting are found in people suffering from it.

After this, the suffering person has to face discomfort like feeling fainting, fainting, headache, Pneumonia and difficulty in breathing. A person suffering from this disease has a 40% to 70% chance of dying. Therefore it is famous worldwide as a very deadly virus.

Causes of having Nipah disease

As I told you above, this is an animal-transmitted disease. That is why humans are suffered mostly from home-raised animals. The root carrier of this Virus is Fruit-bats of the Pteropodidae family.

If a person eats food made of fruits or grains contaminated by the Urine or saliva of these fruit-bat, so, he may have this disease. From any patient, this Virus can get infected with other people by his saliva or going near it. Do not talk too much to the patient or get close to it (as much as possible).

Nipah Treatment

Nipah can be easily identified and diagnosed in its early stages through the ELISA test. But if the disease proceeds, there is no medicine or treatment to deal with it.

According to a lot of researches on this, people are continuing and expecting that scientists will find a permanent solution soon.

Ebola Virus: Complete information about Ebola Virus

Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world
Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

Associates! The complete information on the world’s most dangerous Virus will be perfect only when you know about the Ebola Virus because this synchrony (Virus) is the most famous and most dreaded Virus in the world.

Friends! Let me tell you here; this Virus came in a lot of discussions a year ago. It showed its barbarity to the world in a short time.

Therefore, I have included it in this list made on top of the deadliest viruses in the world. This Virus was first seen in Africa in the year 1976. This Virus also infects animals with humans.

But most wild animals are responsible for spreading this disease. The percentage of survivors of Ebola is only 50%. Therefore, it can also be called a dangerous illness.

Symptoms of Ebola

Symptoms of this disease can be seen within 2 to 20 days of becoming infected. Its initial symptoms are fever, no fatigue, muscle pain, headache and sore throat, etc.

Apart from this, vomiting, blisters, bleeding, and colds can also be seen as symptoms in some individuals.

Causes of Ebola disease: -This Virus mostly infects humans with the saliva and bodily fluids of wild creatures like bats, gorillas, sympanji, and antelope. Mostly, the root cause of this disease is considered to be bats.

Ebola Virus blood from the infected person is transmitted to another healthy person through bodily fluids.
Staying close to the patient and mixing more with him can also not cause this disease.

Treatment of Ebola disease: –

There is no permanent treatment for Ebola yet. But ORS and the rest of the re-hydration salt are used to protect the patient from dehydration.

This vaccine, named RSV-ZEBOV, may be able to eradicate Ebola from its roots in the future. Because scientists have achieved great success by assessing its potential from research.

Marburg Virus: Complete information about Marburg Virus

Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world
Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

Marburg Virus is one of the deadliest viruses in the world. So it is essential to know about it. Here, let me tell you that this Virus comes with the Ebola Virus. Because both Ebola and Marburg Virus spread for the same reason.

Marburg Virus is also found in most of the organisms in which Ebola is found. This is why it becomes so dangerous.

Symptoms of Marburg Virus

Symptoms of this disease start appearing in 2 to 20 days. In the initial stage of the disease, the person is not interested in doing any work, he has a very high fever, and along with fever, colds also bother the person even more.

Muscle pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. are the following symptoms. Due to too much dehydrate, the patient’s body looks frail and cold. In the last moments of the disease, too much bleeding and expulsion of aquatic substances from the patient’s body gets done.

Causes of Marburg disease

Marburg disease is spread by Rousettus Bat living in caves and quarries.
The disease is transmitted from infected person to healthy person by the direct touch of skin, by mating, through biological fluids.

Marburg Treatment

No successful treatment of this disease has been discovered yet. But the patient can be exercised through ORS to protect them from dehydrating. Apart from this, the disease can be controlled to some extent through immune therapy and drug therapy.

Marburg may not yet be treated well. But if we want, we can stop it from spreading. Through public awareness, we can tell people about it.

Hanta Virus: Complete information about Hanta Virus

Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world
Complete information about the deadliest viruses in the world

This Virus is unique and much more painful than other Viruses mentioned above. This Virus makes it very difficult for humans to breathe, which is actually quite painful. It is usually from rodents.

Symptoms of Hanta

In the initial stage of the disease caused by this Virus, the body becomes very cold and suffers from fever. Muscle ache, vomiting and abdominal pain are other basic symptoms.

Later, the patient also has to contend with cough, short breath, low blood pressure and heart disease.

Causes of Hanta disease

This disease spread by Deer Mouse is transmitted to humans through its saliva or Urine
Here in this place, let me tell you that this disease does not infect a healthy person from a diseased person. Therefore, you can meet the patient with caution.

Hanta Virus Treatment

This disease can be cured in its initial stage. However, if the condition is aggravated, then the patient can be adequately treated in ICU. In case of emergency, the patient can also be saved through ECMO.

Another case of Corona Virus in India: Virus reached in Delhi

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