Canada Day cancelled? – Chances of Canada Day getting cancelled

Canada Day canceled? - Chances of Canada Day getting cancelled

Canada day is celebrated as the ‘Birthday of Canada.’ Using the word ‘Birthday’ can be an oversimplification of Canada day as it was the day when the country got it’s full independence.

History of Canada Day

Canada Day canceled? - Chances of Canada Day getting cancelled

The Constitution Act joined three territories into one nation: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada area, which at that point split into Ontario and Quebec. Be that as it may, Canada was not autonomous of England until 1982. The occasion called Dominion Day was formally settled in 1879.

However, it wasn’t seen by numerous Canadians who believed themselves to be British residents. Dominion Day began to get on when the 50th commemoration of the confederation moved around in 1917. In 1946, a bill was advanced to rename Dominion Day, yet contentions in the House of Commons over what to call the occasion slowed down the law.

How to celebrate Canada Day?

Canada Day canceled? - Chances of Canada Day getting cancelled

Canada day is celebrated among different people in different ways people celebrate Canada day by doing barbecues at home in the backyard, doing parties, joining parades and carnivals, watching air and maritime shows watching fireworks bursting firecrackers, to be honest, there is no standard way for celebrating Canada day it’s just joyful for everyone. 

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Canada Day Cancelled?

A ‘Cancel Canada Day’ March is going to take place in Vancouver this Wednesday, so far, around 400 people are going to join the march. The march is organized by the ‘Idle no more’ foundation, and the organizers say that “will not celebrate the ongoing genocide within Canada against Indigenous people.” 

They added, “Instead, we will gather to honor all of the lives lost to the Canadian State. We will course our voices for MMIWG2S, Child Welfare, Birth Alerts, Forced Sterilization, Police and RCMP brutality, and all of the injustices we face.”

The event is supposed to take place at the Vancouver art gallery at 3 PM, and the march will begin at 5 PM. 

Many events for Canada day celebrations have already been canceled, keeping in mind the social distancing objective due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, people and groups organizing cancel Canada day marches are nothing less than shocks to the public.




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