How To Get a Free Laptop from Apple

How To Get a Free Laptop from Apple

Are you looking for a free Laptop from Apple? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect page.

Laptops have become an indispensable part of our lives, with every individual needing them for one reason or another. It can be used to have advanced learning for the students or work online.

However, laptops, especially from Apple, are still expensive item that is out of budget for a significant population. As such, many people need assistance and are always looking for ways to obtain one for free.

With this article, we will provide you with the proper guide that may help you obtain a free laptop and other devices from Apple.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Does Apple Offer a Free Laptop?

Does Apple Offer a Free Laptop

No. Apple does not offer free laptops for low-income or any specific group of people. However, there are ways to get a free or discounted laptop from Apple, which we have discussed in the next sections.

How To Get A Free Laptop From Apple

Although getting it entirely free of cost is difficult, you can get a free Laptop from Apple through these methods.

Apple education discount

Apple provides discounts on Laptops for students, teachers, and staff of qualifying educational institutions. This discount varies based on the institution and is generally 10%.

Back to school promotion

Apple offers a back-to-school promotion every year in the summer. This promotion includes a free gift with a Mac or iPad purchase.

Refurbished laptops

You can get refurbished laptops at a discounted price from Apple. These laptops are used, returned, and restored to factory condition. However, they are maintained like the new ones and come with guarantees.

Apple’s Scholarship Program

Apple runs a scholarship program for high school students to offer free laptops to academically deserving students as a reward for their achievements. If you are a student and have good grades or GPA, you can apply for this scholarship program and get a free laptop from Apple.

What Type Of Apple Device Can I Get For Free?

What Type Of Apple Device Can I Get For Free

When it comes to Apple, the largest technology company, you may wonder what type of devices you expect to get for free. Apple provides a varied range of devices to help people access technologies with ease.

Through its educational scholarship program or any discount program, you can get the following Apple devices for free as a reward.


Apple offers an iPhone as a free gift to individuals qualifying for their scholarship program. An iPhone is a good option for students who want a smartphone without any additional features.

Apart from Apple, you also have the option to get a free iPhone device from the government, such as a free iPhone 11, free iPhone 13, and free iPhone 14


You can get an iPad from Apple as a free gift, which is good for people who want to perform basic operations like checking email and browsing the web. Although it is not as popular as other Apple devices, iPads are good for people with vision problems as they can increase the text size.

If you are not able to recieve a free iPad from Apple, then do read our guide on “How to Apply for free Government iPad” and if you are a student, do read “How to Get free iPad for Students.”


You can also get a free MacBook in 2023 if you qualify for the student scholarship. Because of its wider screen and extensive keyboard, the MacBook is an excellent device for those engaged in online studies or work.

Top 3 Ways To Get Apple Laptop

As mentioned, there are many ways to get an Apple laptop. Here are the top 3 ways to get one.

  • Trade in an older model of Apple laptop
  • Purchase a brand-new laptop from Apple
  • Get a refurbished one from Apple’s refurbished store

Let’s discuss each one of them in a separate section.

Trade-In An Older Model Of Apple Laptop

The first method involves trading in an older model of Apple laptop for the new one. If you have quite an older laptop from Apple and wish to change it to a new one, you can look for the trading-in method.

Just reach the company, give your older laptop, get the amount, and use it to purchase the new one.

Apple will offer around $300-$400, depending on your laptop model. However, you must be eligible for trade-in at Apple.

Eligibility for Trade in at Apple

  • You must be at least 18.
  • You must live within 50 miles of an Apple store.
  • You older laptop must have been made in between 2009-2012

Purchase A Brand New Laptop From Apple

The second method to get an Apple laptop is to purchase a brand new laptop from the company if you cannot get one for a discount or free. If nothing works, we can use our money to have technology. However, this method is not suitable for individuals with financial constraints.


As far as eligibility is concerned, anyone who can pay for an Apple laptop can purchase it. There are no specific requirements to be able to purchase a new device.

However, suppose you purchase an Apple laptop and want to return it; you must return it to Apple within 14 days of purchase only if you have purchased directly from Apple.

Get A Refurbished One From Apple’s Refurbished Store

The third method to get an Apple laptop is to buy a refurbished laptop directly from an Apple refurbished store. Although they are used laptops, they are affordable, almost similar to the new ones, and have warranties.


  • Anyone at least 18 who can pay for the refurbished laptop can buy a refurbished laptop.

Where Can You Find Free Laptops From Apple?

Although there are not many ways through which you can find a free laptop from Apple, if you are a student, you have such options.

If you wish to get a free laptop from Apple as a student, you must first ensure whether your institution is eligible and qualifies for their scholarship.

You can check this at Apple’s official site or by calling the company.

Here are the steps to check whether your school qualifies for the Apple laptop program.

  • Visit

apple website

  • Click on the “Store” icon or visit “”

Apple website store page

  • Under the Quick Links title, click on the “University student offer” icon.
  • If you wish to contact the company, you will find the contact option for Apple on the same page below.
  • You may choose at your convenience.

Requirements To Apply Apple Laptops For Free

The requirements to apply for the free Apple laptops vary on the basis of different Apple programs.

  • If you are a student, you must be enrolled in a four-year college or university that participates in the University Partnership Program (UPP).
  • If your college participates in UPP, you may visit the Apple UPP website and apply by filling out the application form.

Best Ways To Get A Free Laptop From Apple

You can get a free laptop from Apple in many ways.

Here are a few of them.

Apple back-to-school program

Apple offers a back-to-school program where students can get gift cards and laptop discounts. For example, with this discount, you can get a $150 Apple Gift Card and save money on a laptop purchase.

To learn more about the program, please visit “”

Contact Computers with Causes

You can get free refurbished laptops from Comptures with Causes. The program provides laptops to needy students and veterans. To apply, please visit “”

Trade-in your Apple laptop

You can trade in your old Apple laptop with a new one if your laptop is eligible for the trade-in offer.

Join an Online College

Many online college offers free laptop with no string attached to students joining them, and some offer Apple laptop to students. Some of the institution offering free laptop on enrolment includes.

  • Seton Hill University
  • Full Sail University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • St. John’s University
  • Dakota State University
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • University of Minnesota-Crookston
  • Southern New Hampshire University

Apply at the National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation is an organization that offers free laptops to people in need. You can apply at this organization to get a free laptop; if you are lucky, you may get an Apple laptop.

Apple Laptop Payment Plan

If you want to purchase a laptop from Apple, you should learn about the Apple laptop payment plan available at the company.

Apple Card Monthly Installments

This payment option is available to Apple Card holders. You can pay at 0% interest for your laptop over 12, 18, 24, or 30 months. You will also receive 3% Daily Cashback on your purchase.

Amazon Pay Later

Amazon Pay Later offers credit for 6 months on purchases of $50 or above at 0% interest. You can choose to pay your amount for over 12 months with interest.

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit offers credit for 6 months on purchases of $99 or more at 0% interest. You can pay for over 12 months, but you will have to pay interest for this time period.


It is a third-party payment plan where you can pay for 12 months at a 0% interest rate on purchases of $599 or above. You can also pay over 18 or 24 months but must pay interest for this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple give students free laptops?

Apple gives free laptops occasionally. Apple’s educational programs offer discounts to students, parents, and staff of eligible institutions to purchase laptops.

Does Apple give free AirPods to students in 2023?

Last year, Apple introduced the offer of free Airpods with the purchase of qualifying devices under their back-to-school promotion. However, in the current year, Apple is providing gift cards as part of their Back to School promotion.

What is Apple student deal 2023?

In the Apple Student Deal 2023, students can get a $150 Apple gift card by purchasing an iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. They can get a $100 Apple gift card for a Mac mini and a $100 Apple gift card for purchasing a 12.9-inch iPad Pro or 11-inch iPad Pro.

How can I purchase an affordable laptop from Apple?

You can buy a refurbished laptop from Apple to reduce the price of your device. These are used but maintained like a new laptop and have a warranty.

Can students get discounts on Apple products?

Yes. If you are 16 or above, enrolled in higher education like college or university, and have a valid student ID, you are eligible for the Apple student discount.

What people need an Apple laptop the most?

The most common people needing a laptop are students, online workers, office-going people, and middle-class families with a child studying in high school.

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