India - Coronavirus and Lockdown: Tablighi Jamaat people harassing staff at Quarantine Center

Coronavirus and Lockdown: Tablighi Jamaat people harassing staff at Quarantine Center

Markaz chief Maulana Saad traced in Delhi

Coronavirus and Lockdown: A case has come to the light on how the people of Tablighi Jamaat are harassing the medical staff at the Quarantine Center. An FIR has been lodged by the Quarantine Center in Narela, Delhi, in which two people of Tablighi Jamaat are named. Both are accused of pottying in the room in front of the staff in which they were kept.

According to the police FIR, the incident dates back to April 4. The two people who have a complaint against them both attended the Delhi program of Tablighi Jamaat.

Coronavirus and Lockdown: Tablighi Jamaat people harassing staff at Quarantine Center

Coronavirus and Lockdown
Coronavirus and Lockdown

He is currently housed in the Narela Center. The complaint also states that both are not obeying the medical team, which also threatens the rest of the people present at the center. Both names have also been given in the complaint.

The complaint states that during sanitization on April 4, the staff said that some people had been spotted outside room number 212. The FIR names two people living in the room.

This includes Mohammad Fahd (25 years) and Zaheer (18 years). Both are said to be from Barabanki. It is further written that both of them are suspected of potty, both of them are not even accepting the advice of the medical staff due to which the rest are also at risk.

On 18 March, a program of Tablighi Jamaat took place in Markaz, located in Nizamuddin, Delhi, in which around 3000 people attended. These included people from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Last week, it was found that thousands of people have gathered despite the lockdown in Markaz, after which the exercise to remove them started. About 2300 people were removed from it. All are housed in separate quarantine centers.

Army is handling Narela isolation camp

The Narela Isolation Camp is now being handled by the Indian Army. This is the first isolation camp, where the help of army doctors was sought. Till Sunday, a total of 4 doctors, 8 nursing staff and security staff of the Indian Army were present in the Narela isolation camp.

Coronavirus and Lockdown: Tablighi Jamaat people harassing staff at Quarantine Center

Coronavirus and Lockdown
Coronavirus and Lockdown

It was decided on Monday morning that the medical team of the Indian Army will now handle the entire camp. After this, the number of army doctors has started increasing. A total of 80 army teams of the Army are being sent to Narela Isolation Camp.

More than 1200 Corona suspects are housed in Narela Camp. There are also people who are involved in the infusion of Markaj coming to the Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi.

Will the lockdown increase? Discussion of these 8 things heated after team Modi’s meeting

The decision on whether or not the 21-day lockdown will be extended from April 14 has not been made at present.

But in the Cabinet meeting held on Monday, it has been discussed that the districts with the highest number of cases should be completely cut off. Movements between states remain closed and the elderly should be kept in homes.

Coronavirus and Lockdown: Tablighi Jamaat people harassing staff at Quarantine Center

Coronavirus and Lockdown
Coronavirus and Lockdown

According to sources, there is a lot of suspense about the running of the train. Sources reveal that the Railways can continue with the decision of closure of trains, although they are not even partially denying that some trains will be run.

On the remaining vehicles and bikes, the government will take a decision on the situation ahead. The journey from one state to another may not start immediately from April 15.

Businesses have been closed since the Corona lockdown. People are still able to do work from home. But the shopkeeper’s business has been beaten. But if the situation worsens, then they hardly get relief.

According to sources in our affiliate newspaper Times of India, initially, the restaurant may continue to be relieved. But in this too, only take-away will be served, not sitting and eating.

According to sources, the opening of the office was also discussed in the cabinet meeting. In this, the Prime Minister said that there should be a plan to gradually open government departments in areas that have not emerged as hotspots of Corona.

The 62 districts of the country are most affected by the Corona epidemic. According to government sources, there is a proposal to extend the lockdown by 28 days i.e. till May 12 in 62 such districts.

The central government has not yet taken the final decision, but some states have indicated that the lockdown may be extended. The Additional Chief Secretary of UP has predicted that the lockdown may continue even after April 14.

Telangana Chief Minister K.K. Chandrasekhar Rao recommends extending the lockdown by two weeks. There has also been a report that there has been a demand for lockdown in Telangana by 3 June. Similarly, Section 144 has been imposed in Gautam Buddha Nagar for this whole month.

Coronavirus and Lockdown

Coronavirus and Lockdown
Coronavirus and Lockdown

Farm work related to 21 days of lockdown is exempt. Similarly, the government can give exemption to minor masonry, and construction work. Let me tell you that the daily wage workers are very upset due to the lockdown.

After the cabinet meeting, officers have been told to spend the next 8 days considering how the work will be done after the lockdown. According to ET sources, work from home, shift roster, and technical aspects are being considered in it.

The spread of Coronavirus in India: COVID-19 spread across the country from Tablighi Jamaat

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