Coronavirus outbreak: know what the latest figures are in America and which city or state is most affected

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak: At present, the entire world is forced to carry the Coronavirus, but at the moment, the situation is worst in America. The number of its patients has reached 164253 hither. This includes 409 new cases. Of these, 3512 patients are in critical condition.

Apart from this, 3165 people have lost their lives due to this. During the last 24 hours, nine people have died in various states of America due to this. Statistics reveal that 5506 people have also recovered during this period.

The havoc of the Coronavirus, which began in December, has killed about 37815 people all over the world so far. It currently has 785777 cases worldwide. Around 165607 patients have been cured all over the world.

Coronavirus outbreak: know what the latest figures are in America and which city or state is most affected

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

According to statistics, the condition of 29488 patients in the whole world remains very critical. These figures of the Worldometer are quite shocking and frightening in themselves.

As far as America is concerned, the situation here is getting worse. Let me tell you that there are 50 states in the US that are all vulnerable to it. New York leads the way. So far, 67325 cases have been reported here.

At the same time, 1342 people have died. Talking about the top 10 states in the grip of the Coronavirus, New Jersey has the second number where 16636 cases have been reported so far.

There have been 7413 cases in California, 6498 cases in Michigan, 5752 cases in Massachusetts, 5704 cases in Florida, 5250 cases in Washington, 5057 cases in Illinois, and 4154 cases in Pennsylvania.

So far, the lowest number of cases has been reported on the Northern Mariana Islands in the US. According to Aljazeera, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo immediately demanded medical volunteers.

At the same time, two ships of the US Navy have been deployed to handle the situation in New York. It has a facility of 1000 beds. These ships are fully operational hospitals.

The US is in its worst phase after 9/11, because of the Coronavirus. Because of this, America is also feeling economic crises. Many flights to and from the US are completely closed.

Lockdown has been caused in some states. In Washington, people have been asked to live in homes. Those who violate this can be punished in addition to the fine.

Let us tell you that the rule of running a case has already been implemented in the US, deliberately spreading terror on the spread of the Coronavirus. Despite all this, the lockdown has not yet been announced in the US.

Coronavirus outbreak: know what the latest figures are in America and which city or state is most affected

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

According to US President Trump, 1 million people have been screened across the country so far. At the same time, if the Health Department of the US believes that one lakh samples are being examined every day.

Because of the Corona crisis, people in Colombia have also been ordered to stay indoors. During this time, they will be allowed to go out to buy only the essentials. Apart from this, similar orders have been issued in Virginia, Maryland.

US stock markets are continuously falling down. To overcome this financial crisis, the government has announced a package of $ 2.9 million. Let us tell you that after the announcement of the package in the US, those taking unemployment allowance have applied in record numbers.

This shows that somewhere in America, the call of recession can be clearly heard. However, financial institutions have already mentioned the decline in the world economy.

At the same time, it will definitely affect the jobs around the world. The crisis has been reported on about one million jobs in Germany. This call is not only being felt in some countries but in other countries also, similar fears are being strengthened.

China has not improved with the corona epidemic; bats and pangolins are being sold again in the market.

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

Even as the world is battling the Corona epidemic, the sale of bats and pangolins in China has continued. Scientists consider China’s move dangerous because the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred in humans from bats.

Coronavirus outbreak: know what the latest figures are in America and which city or state is most affected

Various reports suggest that infection with the virus was first observed in a person from the Hubei province of China. The Washington Examiner quoted a correspondent for ‘A Mail on Sunday’ as saying, “Markets are operating exactly as they were before the outbreak of the epidemic.”

But now the security guards are watching these markets for 24 hours. Their focus is on the fact that no one could take pictures of blood-soaked floors, dogs, and rabbits being slaughtered. ‘ The seafood market in Wuhan, China, is considered to be the center of Corona.

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) also said on January 12, “There are signs that the epidemic is linked to Wuhan’s seafood market.” Quoting the China-based correspondent, the Washington Examiner wrote, “Everyone here believes that the outbreak of the epidemic has ended and there is nothing to worry about now.

It was a foreign problem. ‘ Many scientists, medical experts, and animal rights activists have demanded a ban on China’s seafood market, but it seems that the Asian country does not want to learn from its mistakes.

Everyone knows that the Coronavirus has its origin in China. The unique thing is that this dangerous virus is spread by bats and other animals. Despite this, China is not improving.

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