Diamond No Ace Chapter 217 Released, Read Here; Check Spoilers, Plot, & Summary

Diamond No Ace Chapter 217

Diamond No Ace Chapter 217 Released; Check Spoilers, Plot, & Summary Read Here: Diamond No Ace Chapter 217 came out today and it was a light chapter after an intense match against Sousei. Once again, fans couldn’t see pitching from Sawamura, which was somewhat of a disappointment, but still, the future of the manga looks really interesting.

Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 217

Seidou High School wrapped up the match against Sousei High with a score of 7-1 and advances to the semifinal. Now the showdown between Ichidai and Seidou is set, we will see the pitcher battle between Sawamura and Amahisa.

After the completion of the match, both teams shook each other hand with Sousei ace Nagira congratulating Miyuki and telling him to do his best in the next match. Sawamura thanked all the opposition players for their hard work in his usual style. Outside the ground Coach Kataoka told the interviewers how impressed he was with Furuya performance and how much important third-year students are for the team.

The current players of the team are met with the pass out students and they have a fun chat with everyone. Sawamura greets Chris Senpai as his master and told him how much he wanted to show Chris his pitching. Well, we all wanted that. Chris told Sawamura that he will come to watch Sawamura pitching in the semi-final so he better performs.

Meanwhile, Sousei coach thanked all of his players for giving their best and Players told him how grateful they were to be under him for 2.5 years. With all the criticism the coach had to endure in the last 2 years this sight was enough to make him cry. The chapter ended with Seidou players looking happy and talking and Kawakami And Furuya greeted each other for the good performance of both of them.

Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 218 Release Date

If there is no delay in the schedule we will get the next chapter next Thursday in Japan and in India it will be available on Friday. Chapter 217 was a light-hearted chapter that was expected by most of the fans as the match against Sousei was just got over.

Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 218 Predictions, Spoilers

Any spoiler or the Raw cut of the manga will come out 2-3 days before the official release of the chapter worldwide. So we can say that the raw cut will be out Monday or Tuesday.

Before that, we can only predict what can happen in the next chapter. We think that the next chapter will also be a light one which will serve as a buildup to the match against Ichidai. Seidou will make strategies on how to deal with their batters and their ace, The Prodigy Amahisa Kousei.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 217

Sawamura vs Amahisa is one of the most anticipated battles of pitchers of this act and by revealing that Chris Senpai will be there to watch the semi-final we can definitely say that it will be Sawamura who will start the final with the Ace number on his back. In the semi-final, everyone is predicting that Sawamura will give a performance of his life and we as a fan want to see just that.

A performance by Sawamura worthy of the ace title. A performance that will include him with the best pitchers of the tournament. A performance that will shut down the fearsome batting order of Ichidai, and with the buildup we are getting, this theory is not so far fetched. The wait for this has been long but now its closer than ever.


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