The History Of American Independence Day & Importance

History of American independence day

The 4th of July, also known as the American Independence Day is declared national holiday since 1941. Independence Day was celebrated for the very first time; during the 18th century, after the Great American Revolution. 

The Authorities during that period in America demanded total Independence from England. After an exceptional revolution, the British government granted Freedom to the 13 Colonise of America, and due to this, the renown USA was introduced for the first time. 

American War Of Independence

The great American Revolution led to the establishment of the United States. From then, every 4th day of July is celebrated as an American Independence Day. The Nation makes this celebration grand, and a lot of fireworks are observed during the anniversary of this historic event. 

When the first battle of American Independence was fought in April 1775, several colonize asked for complete Independence. The Colonise who demanded total Independence was termed rebels. 

With the growing brutality of Britain, many other communities combined together and demanded their Independence. During that era, a very famous booklet was published by Thomas Paine, “Common sense,” which raised anger in every citizen of America as the book expressed the sentiment of the fellow freedom fighters. 

This booklet acted as a revolution, and the value of Independence started more aggressively among the people. 

After a really long struggle on June 7, the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, Virginia representative Richard Henry Lee presented a proposal calling for colonial Independence.

Thanks to the heated discussion, Congress suspended the lees’s resolution and appointed a group of five members – including Thomas Jefferson from Virginia, John Adams from Massachusetts, Roger Sherman from Connecticut, Benjamin Franklin from Pennsylvania and Robert R. Livingston from New York – to plan official description sustaining the break with the UK.

And after a long wait, finally, on the 4th of July, Congress received the declaration of Freedom by Great Britain. From then onwards, July 4 is celebrated as the American independence day.

The History Of American Independence Day

The great American Independence was celebrated in a traditional method earlier, which included speech preparing slogan making, campfire, and chanting National Anthems. 

Several established towns celebrated Independence Day by burning a model exactly shaped like King George III, which stated that America is not only free from Britain but also from the Monarchy.

The Americans continued to celebrate their Freedom like a festival, and in the modern-day, this festival is celebrated in such a manner that no one could ever imagine.

As I mentioned before, America Got its Freedom through a really difficult struggle. In a war against Great Britain, the Nation also lost its many revolutionists. 

America decided to announce 4th of July as National holiday

Because of the massive win over England, America decided to announce this day as a federal holiday, and in 1870 the USA declared the 4th of July at a Public holiday.

I hope you have enjoyed this article regarding history of american independence day, and we also wish our every American reader a peaceful 4th of July. Stay Home and stay safe; if anything new happens, world wire will notify you.

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