Kannada Aadyaa Released On Sun NXT: Check Cast & Details

Kannada Aadyaa Released On Sun NXT: Check Cast & Details
Kannada Aadyaa Released On Sun NXT: Check Cast & Details: Aadyaa is an Indian Kannada mystery thriller film, an official remake of the 2016 Telugu film “Kshama” directed by Ravikanth Perepu. K.M.Chaitanya directs the film Aadyaa, and Sridhar V Sambhram and cinematography make the background score and music of the movie by V Malhar Bhat Joshi.

Kannada Film Aadyaa

The movie is about solving a kidnap mystery. Aditya Shankar, who leaves Kolkata for a job, returns after receiving a call from his ex-girlfriend that leaves me shocked. He returns to the town six years later to discover that the daughter of his girlfriend, Sangeeta, is missing. She files a report to the police but gets no help, and she requests him to help.
The police urge him not to look for answers the meanwhile, she jumps from her building dying of suicide. He later meets her husband, who says that they don’t have a daughter and that his wife is delusional. More things unfold in the movie later, and everything about the kidnapping comes to hit the lives of the characters. The characters have done a tremendous job in the movie, and each of them has explored the role given to them to its most elegant form.

Kannada Aadyaa Cast

-Chiranjeevi Sarja as Aditya Shankar
-Sangeetha Bhatt as Sangeetha
-Sruthi Hariharan as Sruthi Nayak
-Pramod  Shetty
-Ravishankar Gowda

Kannada Aadyaa Review

The dialogue delivers to emotionally heart-wrenching acting scenes. The actors have brought to life every possible emotion one can feel when they lose a child or when an ex-girlfriend calls. The story is exceptionally eye-catching and grips the audience with the events that take place in the movie. The viewer must pay attention to the details in the film, to not miss any part of the movie, and understand what is happening in the movie correctly.
The cast has brought to scenes an emotional thriller that takes turn On an extreme level and changes the movie’s dimensions. The dialogues, writing, and screenplay, background music, everything are very crisp and thrilling.
It is a must-watch for people who love to indulge in thrillers and mysteries! The movie is set to entertain the audience on Sun NXT today, stream it, and don’t miss on the thrill and excitement packed performance of the characters and teeth gripping story that will hold you at every twist and turn.

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