Latest News - Kanpur: 8 Policemen were killed in gun fight, 5 are injured; Check Full News Here

Kanpur: 8 Policemen were killed in gun fight, 5 are injured; Check Full News Here

Kanpur: 8 Policemen were killed in gun fight

Kanpur: Reports are coming that the 8 policemen died while they were about to raid the history-sheeter Vikas Dubey’s house. The crime in Uttar Pradesh wasn’t active for a while but then suddenly we got this news as this incident took place around at 1:30 am on Friday. Here, we have the fill news covered for you so can read what exactly happened during the incident and check out the detail.

So first thing first, as per the reports the policemen were on their way to raid Vikas Dubey’s house but little did they know that the criminals were waiting for them already. Sources are suggesting that the criminals had the information about their coming so they were prepared for the gunfight.

You all should know that the police team was approaching the Bikru village in Chaubepur police station. They were about to arrest Dubey as he is a known criminal and he is wanted for various attempts to murder cases filed by a man Rahul Tiwari. Overall, the officers were heading towards the village and on the way, they have seen a heavy earthmover parked on the road, and to get them aside some police officer gets down from the car.

As soon as the police officers were out of their car the criminals started firing out of nowhere and as Director General of Police confirmed that there was retaliatory firing but criminals were at a height, so our 8 men died. It is really a shocking incident that happened in Kanpur.

Reports are coming that Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Devendra Mishra is also killed in this gunfire along with SO Mahesh Yadav, sub-inspectors Anup Kumar and Babulal, and constables Sultan Singh, Rahul, Jitendra, and Babloo. Also, the reports are suggesting that the 5 policemen are injured though they are alive they get shot during the fight.

If we talk about Dubey then we can say that Dubey has 52 criminal cases as well as he is accused of murdering Santosh Shukla. Well, all the boarders in Kanpur are sealed and Chief minister Yogi Adityanath assured that this kind of thing will not be tolerated at all.

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