Mike Lindell announces preliminary injunction to stop electronic voting machines

Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell has never refrained from passionately voicing his disdain for Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and their role in Trump losing the 2020 presidency. He has long since been engaged in a vicious war against Dominion & Smartmatic, voting machine companies that Lindell has allegedly defamed over ‘Big Lie’ propaganda of 2020. Both of these companies sued the MyPillow CEO and Dominion demanded $1.3 billion in damages.

Smartmatic stated in its lawsuit against Lindell that he was “crazy like a fox” and alleged that he “stoked the fires of xenophobia and party divide for the noble purpose of selling his pillows.” Lindell has countersued Dominion, its public-relations company Hamilton Place Strategies, and Smartmatic.

The companies’ voting machines are at the heart of a right-wing conspiracy theory alleging they were used to fraudulently flip votes from Trump to Joe Biden, which is not substantiated by evidence. Mike Lindell happens to be the biggest flag-bearer of political propaganda against EVMs.

The latest step in this anti-EVM saga emerged on March 23rd with Lindell piling the stakes even higher and announcing that he would be filing a preliminary injunction to push EVMs out of the Public Voting System altogether.

“We’ve got 7 lawyers starting with the preliminary injunction to get rid of the machines”, says Lindell

The usual purpose of an injunction is to preserve the status quo in situations in which further acts of the specified type, or the failure to perform such acts, would cause one of the parties irreparable harm (i.e., the harm that cannot be adequately remedied by an award of monetary damages). In this case, the ‘harm’ is Trump losing yet another presidency to EVM fraud like the last time.

What is up for debate though is why Lindell is pushing for a preliminary injunction on Thursday- so long before Trump can run for President again. This preliminary injunction can be effective only when it is followed up by a full-blown court trial which can be timed to culminate in an epic saga right before Trump announces a third run for the presidency in 2024.

One might counter-claim that Lindell is trying to clear the path for Trump and the Republican Party in the upcoming midterms. But with the list of the Biden administration’s goof-ups literally dragging on into a bottomless pit, the Republicans seem to have won half the battle already.

While Lindell’s motive remains unclear, one thing is for sure- Republican politicians aside, Lindell is definitely one that Democrats should watch out for.

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