One Piece Chapter 984 Released; Huge Revelations, Read Spoilers and Recap Here

One Piece Chapter 984

One Piece Chapter 984: One piece is going to complete its 1000th chapter really soon and it just keeps getting interesting and interesting. You can argue that One Piece is the most interesting manga series ever and half of the fans will agree with you on this opinion. Oda with every chapter is increasing the excitement, hype, and curiosity of his fanbase. With manga now closing its one of the most interesting and intense arc in its whole run, Huge secrets were gonna be revealed and with its new chapter just out a few hours ago we can guarantee that this chapter is gonna make old-time fans really excited and happy with the secret is revealed.

One Piece Chapter 983 Recap

In chapter 983 we saw Perospero riding the huge tide waves with the help of his devil fruits power. Meanwhile inside Onigashima Nami and the others are being chased by Big Mom and Usopp and Chopper coming for their aid. Sanji made his intentions clear and told Carrot that he won’t abandon the prostitutes. And inside the castle, Momonoshuki is hanged to a cross by Orochi and Kaidou.

And Kaidou told them that the execution will be held right after the alliance with Big Mom is made public. Meanwhile, Zoro, Kid, and Luffy are engaged in battles. Luffy is facing two members of flying six, the battle is proving to be troublesome and suddenly from nowhere a mysterious man comes to the rescue of Luffy. And the mysterious man is revealed to be Yamato, Son of Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 984: What went down

If you don’t want spoilers to stop reading right now. Because in this chapter more than one secret is revealed. The members of Flying Six get to there senses after what just happened. They realized that it was Yamato who helped Luffy and he is Kaido’s ‘Thunder Baguna’. This might be a very good weapon that will help the allied forces in the future.  Luffy after realizing that he was saved by Yamato starts attacking him saying that he can’t trust a stranger, which by Luffy’s standard is a really intelligent talk.

Yamato asked Luffy to get a side where they can talk without any disturbance. Meanwhile, we saw that Jimbei, Robin, and the Infiltration squad have infiltrated the banquet area where Momonoshuki is hanged. Meanwhile, the squad lead by Law has also snuck up to the castle from underwater. And suddenly Nekomamushi drops from the sky right in front of the group, everyone looks towards the sky and it was Marco flying.

Neko also reveals that they have brought one of the top-ranked pirate of Whitebeard crew Izo with him. Everyone is more pumped now than ever and at the same time inside the keep of the attic Yamato and Luffy are having a discussion, with Yamato telling Luffy his backstory. Yamato told Luffy that he admired Oden his whole life and now he is going to continue Oden’s legacy and revealed his face and turned out, Yamato is a girl. Yes, Yamato is a girl who turned into a man because Oden was a man and he told Luffy that he reminds her of ACE!!!!!

One Piece Chapter 984

One Piece Chapter 985: Release Date

One Piece chapter 985 will be released after a one week break by Oda. Oda is setting up his new office so the delay is somewhat expected. But the good news is One Piece new chapter will be out next Sunday i.e. 19 July, 2020( 20 July in some regions). Some reports are claiming that chapter 985 will be a double issue so its not far fetched to say that there will be another break after Chapter 985 release.  The spoilers or raw cut will be out few days prior to the official release.

One Piece Chapter 985 Predictions

There is time till the next chapter of one piece is out and surely we can’t contain our excitement till then, can we? But we can only assume what will happen in the upcoming chapter right now. With Yamato mentioning Ace’s name, will we get to know the connection of Ace to Wano? Considering the previous arcs we will get the Ace backstory after the fight is over.

We can also see Zoro doing some damage in the next chapter. With the new recruits, the strength of the group has increased considerably and the fearsome and one of the most anticipated battle in the history of Manga is going to start really soon.


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