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Height 5.10ft
Weight 68 kgs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown

Facts About Jim Bognet

  • An American politician and former businessman, Jim Bognet has a background in business and politics.
  • Bognet belongs to the Republican Party.
  • He has worked as a consultant and entrepreneur in various capacities.
  • As a Regional Director for the U.S. Export-Import Bank, Bognet served under the Trump administration.
  • He ran for Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district in 2020, but lost.

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Jim Bognet Networth

The Republican candidate for the US House, Jim Bognet, is running for the 8th Congressional District in November 2022. As a far-right politician, Jim Bognet net worth between $1-$5 million. His views and policies will certainly draw attention in the upcoming election, regardless of how successful his campaign will be.

Jim Bognet Biography

The Italian Irish family that raised Jim Bognet in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, sponsored his higher education, graduating with a law degree and an MBA from UCLA, as well as completing his graduate studies on a full academic scholarship. As a conservative advocate and a traditional economics expert, Bognet worked to develop sound monetary policies to promote opportunities and prosperity. Bognet, who owns a small business and is a conservative policy consultant, will run for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District on November 8, 2022 as a far-right Republican.