5 Best SHAREit & Xender Alternatives in India; Top File Sharing App in India


5 Best SHAREit & Xender Alternatives in India: The tension between India and China is worsening as the military of both nations is ready and stable on the border. On the other hand, Indians are boycotting Chinese apps, mobiles, electronics, and other products. There is no need to worry about Chinese apps and data, as the Indian government took the initiative and has banned all 59 Chinese apps for uncertain time.

SHAREit Alternatives

We can’t also deny the fact that we lived our entire life along with Chinese apps, and some apps were also very crucial among them Apps such as share it, xender and many other file sharing apps were one of our basic necessities.  

After the ban of these Aftermentioned apps, what to use instead of share it and xender?

Files by Google

Files by Google is a suitable platform for data sharing application. With it, users can quickly transfer files. In the Files by Google application, users can transfer files at speeds of up to 480 Mbps. In this case, files, documents, and other applications can also be transferred along with the file. Besides, users can also manage their phone’s storage using this application.


Share files, movies, videos, apps, pictures with any Android phone while offline without internet and send anywhere without any limitations. Get all types of files anytime while offline. No flash drive, hard drive, USB cable, or internet is required. Share files in one second with easy use of this transfer and sharing app.

Send Anywhere

Accessible as a Web application, Chrome application, iOS application, or Android application, Send Anywhere allows you to share files, kinds of music, and movies along with your friends. Send Anywhere skips the intermediary during file transfer.


You can share your files directly via superbeam. The most exciting part of this application is you can share your stuff by scanning manually.

It gets a user interface with light, dark, and color options for AMOLED. However, you have to pay for the removal of ads, PC exchanges, and other add-ons.


JioSwitch app is a data and file transfer app like share it and Xander etc. The company says that it is faster than sharing it and Xander. And in this app, you will not get to view any kind of ads.

Now you will see this app in the Jio store too. With the help of this, you will be able to fast share your data from jio phone to android and iPhone. Those who were facing the problem of data sharing in jio phone can use the jio switch app.

So these were some of the alternatives to your favorite Chinese apps. I hope that you guys liked this article. Stay safe, guys, and don’t worry if something comes along, world wire will keep you posted.

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