Entertainment - TikTok Star Sandhya Chauhan Committed Suicide; Death Reason Check Details Here!

TikTok Star Sandhya Chauhan Committed Suicide; Death Reason Check Details Here!

After Siya Kakkar, another TikTok star Sandhya Chauhan dies by suicide

TikTok Star Sandhya Chauhan Committed Suicide: Suicide isn’t an option so anyone who is reading this article must know that every life matters and as long as you are alive you can change any bad scenario into the good one. Now, let’s talk about another suicide of a TikTok Star. Here, we are talking about Sandhya Chauhan’s suicide. You all might already know that earlier the 16 Year Old Siya Kakkar had also committed suicide and the reason was unknown.

So far in the case of Sandhya Chauhan, we got reports that she was upset because of the ban of TikTok in India though that is the exact reason for Suicide, isn’t clear right now. You all should know that the TikTok star Sandhya was quite famous on TikTok as well as she was a student at Delhi University. She used to live in Delhi’s Green Park with her family and her father is a policeman.

TikTok Star Sandhya Chauhan Committed Suicide

Well, now the sources are confirming that her body is sent to the post-mortem and her mobile phone is under police custody. The investigation for her death is on and the Police officers are waiting for the forensic report so they can investigate it at a right angle.

Also, she was alone with her mother in the house at the time of Suicide and she was in her room alone. The incident was reported by her cousin and we have reported that Modipuram outpost in-charge Vikas Chauhan went to the house and then they realized the whole case of the suicide at first sight. The sources are saying that she was taken to SDS Global Hospital and there the doctors have claimed that she was brought dead.

Some reports are confirming that she took this step because of the tension in the family and there is no letter found in her room. Also, the source close to the family is confirming that she was in depression for the last two months but again the reason for suicide is unknown.

What is the Suicide Reason?

Its said by the Police that there were tensions between Sandhya and her family members. No suicide note and no video message or any kind of suicidal information was left by sandhya. The reason behind her suicide is still unknown and this post will be updated when we find the details.

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