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Cute anime characters can improve the anime very drastically, even though the anime is bland in taste you can watch the anime for that one character that you really love. Cute girls can be in any anime and they can suddenly increase the appeal of the anime tenfolds. Who would you say is the most adorable girl in all of anime? That is totally dependent on your choice, some find a character cute because of the voice actress, some find it because of the character’s personality and some people can fall for a character design because of her character design. Now, without further ado let’s look at the girl we found the cutest, it might not include your favorite character, so don’t be hurt because this list is based on our opinions.

Cute Anime Girls


  1. Fumino Furuhashi From We Never Learn: Fumino is one of the lead characters of We Never Learn. Her dream is to become an astrologer and search for a star she thinks is her mother. Now, isn’t that too adorable. There are many instances in the anime where you will fall for her over and over. Whether it is struggling over a math problem or her introvert nature that won’t let her talk to someone or her habit of falling asleep in the class, Fumino looks cute in every frame of the anime.Fumino Furuhashi
  2. Somali From Somali and the Forest Spirit: Those large amber-colored eyes are enough to melt your heart. Her playfulness and affectionate personality will make you love her more and more. You can love her all you want but you can’t love her more then she loves Bunnies. And her adorableness increases as soon as she wears the cape and pretends to be a Minotaur.
  3. Nezuko From Demon Slayer: Well, Nezuko is the only girl that will make you fall in love with a demon. Demon Slayer is a gritty anime with superb action sequences and too much blood, and Nezuko tone down that amazingly, just with her presence and she can increase her cuteness just by shrinking in size.Nezuko
  4. Kanna Kamui FromMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Have you seen a more adorable dragon than her? She might be a dragon but she is really caring and shy. She is quiet most of the time and her cuteness can even melt strict Miss Kobayashi who is a dragon as well then we are just mere humans and our hearts are really fragile as compared to her.Kanna
  5. The Platelets From Cells At Work: If my body parts were that cute I might have taken care of my body. The Platelets are super cute representations of an actual component of human blood cells and their cuteness will make you protect your body at all costs so that they can be safe and don’t get hurt.Platelets
  6. Meiko Honma From Anohana: You all might know her as ‘Menma’ and if you have watched Anohana you definitely have shed tears at the end of it and if you haven’t I am sorry to say that you are really heartless. And her personality and love for her friends and her reason for return make her more and more adorable and you can not help falling in love with her.Menma
  7. Kaori Miyazono From Your Lie In April: Why are we on the cry train already. Yes, you will cry at the end of the show, but it will be all worth it, but talking about Kaori, she might be the perfect girl to fall for, pretending like she doesn’t give a damn about the world but inside battling her own battles, you can’t help but notice how adorable and beautiful Kaori really is.Kaori
  8. Violet from Violet Evergarden: I promise it will the last one on which you will cry. But not mentioning Violet would have been a disgrace to her. Just look at her once smiling and you will be able to feel your heartbeat increasing. It is really hard to no root for Violet-Chan when she is on the screen struggling and control your happiness when she succeeds in her mission.Violet
  9. Hiyori From One Piece: Anime fans have just been introduced to her and her exposure in the a was not that huge either, but it was enough as fans were mad at her jaw-dropping and adorableness and started shipping her with Zoro as soon as they got the chance. Her royal personality and caring and calm character was just the cherry on the top. We might see more of Hiyori in upcoming chapters and episodes and we can’t wait for it.Hiyori
  10. Taiga From Toradora: Toradora was a cute anime as a whole and Taiga was just amazing in it. She might have acted like a cowboy and aggressive but we really know how soft-hearted and loving she really is and her childish look and can’t handle people’s company just like us, so you can say that she is perfect for us.



Honorable Mentions: The girl you really love and adore. Do we need to say anything else??

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