13 Must Notice Things in New Batman Trailer- Set to Release on 2021 (Check Updates)

“The Batman” has released its first trailer, and Robert Pattison looks captivating, no doubt. But if you haven’t watched the trailer, go and watch but don’t forget o look put for a few tiny details. This version of Batman is something that the fans are not used to seeing, Robert Pattison’s as Bruce Wayne will be interesting to watch on screens. Let’s have a look at the 13 details that you might have missed in the trailer.

13 Must Notice Things in New Batman Trailer

-The Film will follow the mysterious murders that are taking place in ongoing corruption in the Gotham city.

-Reeves didn’t want to stick to the origin story of Bat lore.

-In the second year, we’ll see Bruce Wayne as the caped crusader.

-The movie will also give us the origin stories of some of Batman’s greatest enemies. Some of which can be seen in the trailer of “The Batman.”

-We can expect to see Gotham’s one of the biggest crime Lords Maroni as hinted in one of the newspaper scenes in the trailer.

-This version of Bruce Wayne in the film will be seen wearing a dark-eyed/ black makeup.

– The Bat-suit looks practical, and something that Bruce Wayne has designed himself, Hi-tech but efficient.

-In the trailer, this version of Batman is not celebrated by the people of Gotham; instead, they have a fear of this version of Batman.

-“Chinatown” was one of the movie’s influences.

-In the trailer, Batman is shot many times, but one bullet is seen deflecting from the Bat-suit that was fired on the Bat symbol.

-Court of owl, a villain that Reeves has hinted in the trailer.

-The man who is seen targeted at the start looks like Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.

-Colin Farrell has made his debut as the penguin in the trailer, something that you might have missed.


“The Batman” trailer recently dropped where Robert Pattison can be seen as the new Bruce Wayne. In the trailer, there were a few hidden things that we have brought, so if you watch the trailer have a closer look at these 13 details in the trailer again. By the end of the trailer, Reeve has also hinted at the release to be somewhere in 2021, and no, the fans can’t keep their cool anymore. Everyone is pretty excited to more details, and we’re here for it, so stay tuned to world wire for more information and updates on entertaining topics.

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