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Pakistan14 august WhatsApp status video download

The year 1947 carries great importance in history. That is the year when Pakistan got separated from India after acquiring freedom from the British Raj. Every year 14th august is celebrated as an Independence Day of Pakistan.

In 1947 all Indian Muslim communities wanted an Islamic country, and thus, that is where the foundation of Pakistan was brought into existence. The movement held by Mohammad Jinnah indeed influenced the Muslims residing in India before the freedom from British Raj.

14 August WhatsApp Status Video

Mohammad Jinnah is thus considered as a true hero of Pakistan as his movement made Pakistan get separate from India. earlier, west Pakistan now actual Pakistan and east Pakistan now Bangladesh.


History of Independence

As already stated above, Pakistan was a part of India before the East India Company took control of India. East India Company came to India for trade practices in the 17th century. But the intention of Britishers was not only limited to trade, but they also stared capturing areas and states of India and expelled their territory by colonizing entire India.

Mohammad Jinnah is the man who made the possibility of division of India and the presence of Pakistan. He started raising his voice since the British raj period for making a separate Islamic country. Aggression was seen during the period of British raj between Hindus and Muslims residing in India then.


Mohammad Iqbal, the leader of “all India Muslim community” back in the years, stated that ” India is a land of diversity. Being a secular nation Muslims belonging in India don’t feel safe here.

At this moment, I issue a notice regarding the separation of Muslims from India, which would be termed as MUSLIMS INDIA. However, after the difficult situation in that era, Muhammad Jinnah issues a statement that demanded an “independent Islamic county ” named ” Pakistan”.

Top Ten Pakistani Freedom Fighters

Pakistan’s independence wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifice and hard work made by these following activist or freedom fighters.

  • muhammad ali jinnah
  • llama mohammad iqbal
  • aga khan III
  • fatimah jinnah
  • fazlul haq
  • khawaja nazimuddin
  • naseer ahmad malhi
  • mohammad ali jauhar
  • shaukat ali
  • zafar ali khan

Why Pakistan is considered as the poorest Islamic Country in the world

First, the statement itself is false. Pakistan is developing. The problem is that it is not growing fast enough. Another thing to consider is that development is slow and takes time.

India is the best example of this. If you were to come to India from a first world country, it would seem significantly underdeveloped, and you might conclude that India is not improving. However, this is far from the truth. India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world.

What is the Pakistani National Anthem? And who wrote it

Hafiz Jalandhari wrote it in 1952, and the music was produced by Ahmad G. Chagla in 1949, before the lyrics.

Paak sarzameen shaad baad

Kishvari haseen shaad baad

Too nishaani azmi aalee shaan

Arzi Paakistaan!

Markazi yaqeen shaad baad

Paak sarzameen kaa nizaam

Quvvati Ukhuvvati avaam

Qaum, mulk, saltanat

Paayindah taabindah baad!

Shaad baad manzili muraad

Parcami sitaarah o hilaal

Rahbari taraqqee o kamaal

Tarjumaani maazee, shaani haal

Jaani istiqbaal!

Saayahyi Khudaayi Zoo l’jalaal


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