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Happy Independence Day

Our country became independent in the year 1947. We will celebrate our 74th Independence Day on August 15. After 200 years of slavery by the British, Hindustan was divided into India and Pakistan. Is there any documentation of this? If it is, has anyone signed it? Did Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru or Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel sign any document recognizing India as an independent country? Or is there some documentary evidence separating India and Pakistan? How did the Queen of Britain entrust power and sovereignty to India?

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There are many questions that come to mind before Independence Day. But there is no answer available to these questions. The Government of India itself does not have any proof of this. Because if it was, then recently, the question asked under Right to Information (RTI) would have been answered. But the government also said – no evidence is available in this regard.

15 August Independence Day 2022 DP, Whatsapp Profile Pics, FB Cover

15 August Independence Day 2020 DP, Whatsapp Profile Pics

According to our Historical specialists, Madanlal Narula, a resident of Ferozepur in Punjab, filed an RTI. In this, he had sought information from the government regarding the Indo-Pak partition and written proof of the independence of the country. But the central government’s clear answer came – there is no information in this regard. The government’s reply said, “No such document is available in our office which contains evidence related to the Partition of India between 14 and 15 August 1947”.

Independence Day 2022 Whatsapp DP

15 August Independence Day

Syed Farid Ahmed, assistant director of the National Archives of India, had earlier this year demanded from the Ministry of External Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Home Ministry all documents related to the partition of India and independence of the country. Ahmed issued instructions to the PMO, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Culture under the guidelines of the Central Information Commission, and urged that all the concrete evidence in this regard be immediately compiled and transferred to the National Archives. Under the instructions of the Central Information Commission, the government gave only one information that only ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’ is available in this regard. This act was passed by the British Parliament, in which there was talk of transfer of power.

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15 August Independence Day

In the information given by the Government of India to the Information Commission, it has also been said that the people of India struggled for years for independence. There are innumerable and historical pieces of evidence of this freedom struggle against the British, which are available in the form of books, documents etc. separately. But there is no official information about any of them.

However, the Government of India, in its reply, has accepted that documents related to the independence and Indo-Pak partition of the country may be available with the India office in Britain or the Government of Britain or the Indian authorities (offices). Overall, the Government of India has no such evidence concerning the information sought for the independence and partition of the country, which we can call a written proof.

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15 August Independence Day

In the response given by the Central Information Commission to the Government of India, it clearly states that documents related to the partition or independence of the country are not officially or authentically available with it. However, evidence can be found from different records that exist in India office in the UK or UK government or various offices in India. At the same time, the famous writer and historian Ramchandra Guha in his book ‘India After Gandhi’ has informed that the British announced the end of the British Raj, about six months before Independence Day.

15 August Independence Day

At the same time, the independence of India and the partition of the country were announced just two months before August 15 1947. Guha writes in his book, ‘On February 20, 1947, the British government issued a statement formally announcing the end of the British Raj.’ Ramachandra Guha further writes, ‘On June 3 1947, the British finally gave their declaration regarding the withdrawal and announced the creation of two independent countries.

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