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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all of you on behalf of world-wire. May our beloved republic be healthy, safe and prosperous, the honour of the land of India should continue to grow in the world, India will become the superpower soon, our economy should grow at the fastest pace in the world, Indian culture and Indians will be in whatever corner of the world. It is our heartfelt wish that India should make unprecedented progress in every field related to life. However, today, on August 15, when we are celebrating the festival of independence, let us know some big things associated with this national festival.

15 August WhatsApp Status Video Download 2022 along with some Historical Facts

  • The Constituent Assembly of India held its fifth session on August 14 at 11 a.m. in the Constitution Hall, New Delhi. The session was presided over by President Rajendra Prasad. In this session, Jawaharlal Nehru, while declaring India’s independence, gave a speech called Trist with Destiny, i.e., Destiny to the Promise.
  • The Indian Prime Minister raises the flag from the Red Fort on every Independence Day. But this did not happen on August 15 1947. According to our historical experts, the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru lifted the flag from the Red Fort on August 16, 1947.

  • When India got independence on August 15 1947, the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi did not attend this celebration because at that time he was in Noakhali, Bengal, thousands of kilometres away from Delhi, where many incidents of communal violence took place. The Father of that violence They were fasting to stop.
  • Until August 15 1947, the boundary line between India and Pakistan was not determined. It was decided on August 17 by the announcement of the Radcliffe Line.

  • India became independent on August 15 but had no national anthem of its own. Rabindranath Tagore Jan-Gana-mana had written only in 1911, but this national anthem was made only in 1950.
  • At the time of independence, there were hundreds of princely states who had to decide whether to go with India or with Pakistan, most of them decided to join India.

15 August WhatsApp Status Video & Images 2022

  • Have you ever had the idea that why was the date of August 15 chosen for India’s Independence Day? The British Parliament had given Lord Mountbatten full authority to transfer the power of India to the Indians by June 30 1948. Lord Mountbatten was appointed as the last Viceroy of India in 1947, and he chose the date of August 15 for India’s independence.
  • Some historians also believe that Lord Mountbatten considered the date of August 15 auspicious, hence he chose this date for India’s independence. Indeed, August 15 was good for Lord Mountbatten because he was the commander of the Joint Army at the time of World War II, and on August 15, 1945, the Japanese army surrendered to him.

  • Some historians have also said that why India was liberated on August 15, Lord Mountbatten chose this date on the suggestion of C. Rajagopalachari. India was to be liberated on June 30, 1948, as per the earlier plan of the British government. Still, seeing how the opposition to British rule was intensifying in India. Rajagopalachari had asked Lord Mountbatten that by June 30, 1948, If waited, there will be no power left to transfer. In such a situation, Lord Mountbatten now chose the date of August 15 for India’s independence.
  • Lord Mountbatten was also upset because, at that time, differences between Jinnah and Nehru were open about the partition of the country. Jinnah demanded to create a separate country, due to which communal fights started in different parts of the country. Before the situation worsened, India was given independence in 1947, changing the plan to grant independence in 1948.

  • When the day of India’s independence was fixed on August 15, the Indian Independence Bill was introduced on July 4, 1947, in the British House of Commons. The bill proposed the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan. The bill was approved on July 18 1947, and after the partition on August 14, India’s independence was declared at midnight on August 15 1947.

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