Entertainment - 15 best Ayushmann Khurrana Shayaris

15 best Ayushmann Khurrana Shayaris

Is there anything Ayushmann Khurrana can’t do? Singing, acting, video moving, composing – the person is genuinely a force to be reckoned with the ability and a unique jewel in B-town! In case you’re in the temperament for some spirit mixing words written by the star, we’ve made a rundown of 20 of his best shayaris to date. Make an effort not to cry – we dare you!

Ayushmann Khurrana, not simply a decent entertainer; he is likewise a Shayar; Ayushmann Khurrana’s Shayaries will make you fall head over in love for him. For Ayushmann, his newly discovered passion is composing Shayaris, and his Twitter channel is adequate evidence! From expounding on longing in affection to looking at adulting, Ayushmann Khurrana’s Shayaris are lovely in a literal sense. If you have missed his couplets and Shayaris, we have ordered a couple for you, and everyone is pure gold.

So here we present to you the 15 best shayaris of Ayushmann Khurrana

  1. “Yeh kaunsa andaaz mohabbat sikha gayi usko… Woh rooth kar bhi mujhse muskura kar milta hai.”
  2. Pehle dost baney, dost se jaan baney, jaan se anjaan baney, aur bas zindagi aagey badh gayi.”
  3. “Koi gair yaar baney, koi yaar baney gair, aisi hee hai zindagi, kisi mantaq ke bagair.”
  4. “Kitna jaanta hoga woh shaks mere baare mein, mere muskuraane pe jisne pooch liya. ‘Tum udaas kyun ho?’”
  5. “Kya hai sukoon? Ghar ke aangan ki mitti mein pehli baarish ki boond.”
  6. “Bachpan mein papa ki lagayi bandishon ko todne mein bahut mazaa aata tha, ab badey ho kar khud par lagayi bandishein todi nahi jaati.”
  7. “Neend laapata hai. Tera pyaar thoda sakht hai yaa shayad mera takiya thoda naram.”
  8. “Main gaya tha soch ke, baatein bachpan ki hongi, dost mujhe apni tarakki sunaane lage.”
  9. “Safed se ik chaand pe shayam shwet se kuch daag hain, ansuni meri awaaz thi, kuch alag hi mera raag hai.”
  10. “Is safar mein tu kisi aur se milta bhatakta hai, mujhe mat bataana, yeh faisla tera hi hai. Rehne de yeh vehem mujhko, ki tu sirf aur sirf mera hi hai.”
  11. “Achha kirdaar nibhaya hai mere ishq mein na rehne ka, ab chalo aukaat pe vaapas aajao.”
  12. “Tum is sheher ki rivaayat se anjaan ho dost, yahaan yaad rehne ke liye yaad dilaana padta hai.”
  13. “zamaane mein tanhaaiyon ka aalam toh dekhiye, hum khud ko taakte hain, le le ke selfiyaan.”
  14. “Ek azeem soorat jo gayi, sheher ki sabhi sooratein saamne aa gayi.”
  15. “Khuda jaane ke taghaful hai ya naadani uski, woh mera haal samajhta hai

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Since he made his presentation in Vicky Donor, Ayushmann Khurrana has given us various motivations to fall head over heels in love for him. He can be considered as a real part of perhaps the most adaptable abilities we have in Bollywood today. A Roadie who VJ, can RJ, can sing, create music, and an inconspicuous entertainer.

Also, shockingly, the entertainer can leave you love-hit with his words and Ayushmann’s Twitter channel is verification of that. From expounding on affection, life and adulting Ayushmann Khurrana’s shayaris are wonderful in a literal sense.

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