43 Chinese Soldiers are Dead? India China Border Live Updates From Galawan Valley, Rahul Gandhi Reaction!

43 Chinese Soldiers are Dead

43 Chinese Soldiers are Dead? India China Border Live Updates From Galawan Valley: The Army said that twenty Indian officers, including a colonel, gave their lives for India in a “brutal conflict” on Monday night with Chinese soldiers in the Galawan Valley in Ladakh.

As revealed by our sources and also, referring to experts, the Chinese side suffered 43 casualties. During the most legitimate fight on the borders over the last few decades, fighters from the two sides are currently divided. The Army said earlier that due to a significant increase during the battle, an Indian colonel and two soldiers were killed. 

At the same time, efforts were made to defuse seven days of pressure on the border. As the military indicated, India defended itself, and there were sacrifices on both sides.  Sources in the armed forces claim that the warriors were not shot, but were killed in a physical battle in India, which included stones and sticks.

20 Javans executed in Ladakh

The Army said 17 Indian fighters who were seriously injured while working at their command post died. “The Indian and Chinese powers separated in the Galwan territory, where they had recently crashed on the afternoon of June 15-16, 2020.  17 Indian fighters who suffered real damage at the detention point died for their motherland, causing a total loss of life in a 20 “skirmish, ” the ad said.

“The Indian military is firmly dedicated to ensuring the country’s righteousness and regional dominance,” the Army said in an announcement.

43 Chinese Soldiers Dead

India’s blockade attempts indicated that the Chinese side suffered 43 losses, including those executed and actually damaged by a connection in the Ladakh Galwan valley, the ANI news office said, referring to the sources.

Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the conflict between India and China

In light of media requests about the circumstance in the western division of the Sino-Indian strip, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, Anurag Srivastava, stated: “India and China are talking about military and strategic ways to reduce the circumstance in the external zone. in the eastern palm

“On June 6, 2020, the senior commanders held a productive meeting and agreed to a procedure for such discouragement. 

In this way, the ground commanders staged a progression of meetings to execute the deal at a higher level.

43 Chinese Soldiers are Dead

Congress President Sonia Gandhi expresses sympathy for the loss of officers in Ladakh.

Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi made an announcement expressing sympathy for the military workforce’s loss due to furious conflicts in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh. 

The President of Congress stated: “Deeply tormented and hurt by reports of the suffering of the brave officials and jawans of our military in the Galvan Valley, Ladakh. 

I pay tribute to their mental strength and sympathy for the groups of people in question. Together we safeguard our regional security and integrity. “

Rahul Gandhi expresses sympathy for the death of military personnel in furious conflicts with China.

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi expressed his condolences for the deaths of armed forces personnel who perished after a savage battle with Chinese officials on June 15. 

He tweeted: “The words cannot represent the agony I feel for the officials and men who abandoned their lives for our nation—my condolences to all your friends and family. We are with you in this troubled time.

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