Press - $54 million: maryland fly ash, class action settlement wins court approval

$54 million: maryland fly ash, class action settlement wins court approval

Mr. Murphy announced today that the firm’s multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit against Constellation Power Generation was approved by Judge Alfred Nance, Circuit Court Baltimore City.

Gambrills, MD residents were represented by Constellation Energy’s subsidiary. Constellation was sued for dumping coal ash near their homes in Anne Arundel County for more than a decade in a sand and gravel quarry, contaminating water supplies and endangering lives. A $54 million settlement was approved.

  • The settlement provides for:

    • 84 households are now connected to the public water system, previously supplied by private wells;

    • Funding for site enhancements and compensation to affected property owners;

    • Remediating and restoring the old quarry; and

    • The quarry has agreed to stop delivering new coal ash.

Managing partner Hassan Murphy of The Murphy Firm estimates that these improvements, expenditures, and legal fees will cost $54 million. According to Murphy, the settlement marks a milestone in Maryland’s environmental and legal history. It protects plaintiffs’ rights, provides them with long-term restitution, and ensures their safety in the future. Having played a decisive role in bringing about a speedy, equitable solution to a big problem that threatened the environment and human health, the Murphy Firm and Angelos Firm are honored to have done so. In Tennessee, the tragic coal ash spill shows just how devastating coal ash can be. This landmark settlement mitigates future harm. There’s no doubt that this settlement sends a message to communities living near fly ash dumps that they can reclaim their lives and reclaim their communities.”

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