Aakasha Ganga 2 World Television Premiere: Date, Time, Channel (Where to Watch)

Aakasha Ganga 2 World Television Premiere: Aakasha Ganga 2 is the Malayalam language based horror movie directed by Vinayan and is a sequel to the 1999 film Aakasha Ganga. Bijibal makes the music for the movie, and Prakash Kutty does the cinematography. The movie is produced by Vinayan under Akash films’ banner and was shot in Ottapalam, Kochi, and Pondicherry. Let us know more in detail about this movie:

Aakasha Ganga 2 Plot

An MBBS student and atheist Arathi who doesn’t believe in ghosts and spirits, she accepts the challenge of her friends Gopi, Jithu, and Titus of going to an Ashram that claims to talks to spirits. Arathi gets shocked when she becomes able to communicate with her dead mother, who reveals to her about her family’s dark secrets. As the dark spirits begin to untangle around her, she is pulled into the grim.


She is possessed by an evil spirit Akashaganga also known as Chudala Yakshi, who has been tormenting her family for ages. Even with the help taken from people and the Mepaddan’s daughter, Soumini, a black magician at the Ashram, Arathi can only be temporarily free from the spirit. This is how the story follows the character and makes it a horror movie that gives chills to the audience. The audience appreciates the direction and the story of the film and people who have watched the movie are very excited for its world to televise premiere on Zee Telugu.

Aakasha Ganga 2 cast:

-Mayoori as Ganga/Spirit
-Veena P Nair as Arathi Varma
-Ramya Krishnan as Soumini Devi
-Sreenath Bhasi as Titus
-Vishnu Vinay as Gopi Krishnan
-Vishnu Govind as Jithu
-Riyaz as Unnikrishnan Varma Thampuran
-Senthil Krishna as SI T.Balaraman
-Salim Kumar as Joseph
-Hareesh Kanaran as Dr.Damu
-Dharmajan Bolgatty as Bharathan Nair
-Hareesh Peradi as Ananthan Thirumeni
-Sunil Sukhada as Swami Chinmay
-Saju Kodiyan as Bus Driver
-Praveena as Oppol
-Thesni Khan as Sundari
-Valsala Menon as Kausalya Antharjanam

Aakasha Ganga 2 World Television Premiere

Aakasha Ganga 2 world television premiere will be on the Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD channel. The movie will be aired on the 19th of July 2020 that is on Sunday at 6 pm. The film is a gripping horror story that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The story of whether the evil spirit will leave the house or the family that it has tormented for ages and what effect will have it on Arathi after she was possessed. It will be a story worth the watch! And for many updates about movies, web series, and Korean dramas, stay tuned!

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