AARP Membership Benefits: Is AARP Membership Worth It?

AARP Membership Benefits

Looking for the AARP membership benefits? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

American Association for Retired Persons, aka AARP, offers great discounts and offers to older adults. AARP works to make the retired life of seniors beautiful and hassle-free; hence they offer many discounts and below-par prices for many services.

However, the main question is whether the AARP membership is worth it.

This article is dedicated to spreading awareness of AARP policies, eligibility for the program, the application process, benefits, and more.

AARP Membership Benefits – Is it worth it?

AARP Membership Benefits

AARP offers a membership plan for seniors who have crossed the age of 50. If you are enrolled in the program, you can have more than 15+ offers on different niches with AARP.

Below, we have covered all of the benefits of AARP membership –

Health Benefits

All of these niches covered below come with clinical treatment with AARP and local clinics. These clinics offer services at a discounted price—their epicenter of checkups.

  • Wellness
  • Conditions & Treatments
  • Drugs & supplements
  • Health care & coverage
  • Health benefits

There are some additional facilities offered by AARP. If you order healthy food from one of their allied partners, you can get up to 25% off on your meal.


Finance is a big part of life, and even after having a significant amount covered in cut-off prices, there is some part of the article you need to bear. AARP assists you in managing finances.

  • Banking & Investments
  • Financial planning
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Retirement


You can have insurance benefits under several heads under policies by AARP –

  • Medicare Eligible
  • Vehicle & Property
  • Pet
  • Healthcare
  • Life

AARP member benefits haven’t been restricted to the three benefits we have discussed above. There are certainly more like technology & wireless services, Gas & Auto services, Home & Real estate, Advocacy, and Community.

If you’re a senior, you can have a membership starting at $16 per year, and it gives you security and ease of living in the social community, with help in more than 15+ categories at minimal prices.

What is AARP Membership?

AARP membership is for those who have passed the age of 50 and running toward retirement. Those who enroll in the AARP membership get a secondary membership for households and discounts on more than 100+ programs offered by AARP.

Is AARP Membership Worth It?

AARP opens the door to millions of opportunities for you. AARP membership, however, is not a mandatory part of retirement, but it is like social security you would like to have in your 60s.

This is all we can say about AARP, and at a price starting at just $12, this is one of the best deals you can fetch for lifetime services at discounted prices. Therefore, in my opinion, AARP membership actually worth it.

AARP Benefits That May Surprise You

AARP Benefits That May Surprise You

Below, we have covered some of the best benefits of AARP that may surprise you –

  • Online Gaming – Online gaming is much more fun when played with love than rivalry; online gaming with AARP makes it more fun. You can spend days on the couch playing solitaire all day long.
  • Eyewear, Vision, and Hearing Care – Impaired eyesight and hearing are early symptoms of older age. AARP helps you get special discounts on your monthly and yearly checkups.
  • Dining and Shopping Discounts – Dining and shopping discounts are the dreams of every woman. AARP offers special discounts on dining and shopping discount.
  • Prescription for the whole family – Healthcare facilities should not be confined to just older adults of the family. With AARP annual membership, you can have prescribed medical health for the whole family.
  • Insurance Coverage and Safe Driving Solutions – Insurance coverage and safe driving are two aids in sustaining healthy retirement. You can always have insurance discounts for car or home insurance.
  • Traveling – Traveling is a thing for everyone. If you want to spend your retirement having vacations, AARP membership benefits are just for you. There are several additional discounts offered to AARP members by participating travel partners.
  • Jobs Seekers, Tools, and Insights – If you want to have a job even after retirement, you can register yourself on the AARP job portal and get suitable jobs for you.
  • AARP Health Membership Benefits and Discounts – AARP has many offers centered on healthcare. You can benefit from various policies. As you know, AARP healthcare benefits start from $12, and these prices remain uniform all year. Some benefits you can have under health membership and discounts by AARP are AARP hearing center, AARP Long-term care options from New York life, AARP Dental Insurance Plans, AARP hearing solutions, AARP eye care, and vision solution.
  • Cell Phones – AARP offers cell phone discounts for seniors that can save you some bucks while making a cell phone purchase.


How long does it take to get a Membership card from AARP?

AARP membership cards release within three weeks of completing the process of enrollment. To track the status of a membership card, you can log in to your AARP account and follow the application status.

How to add a Secondary Member to AARP Membership?

Adding a secondary member to the AARP membership is easy. You can add a member by clicking on the “Spouse Section.” Fill up all the details, and you will be able to add a spouse for free very easily.

Is AARP membership worth it?

We suggest you go for an AARP membership, as it contains excellent benefits for members and multiple uses for older adults at just $12-16 at the beginning price and no additional charges.

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