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Aarya Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Details Announced? Check Updates Here

Aarya Season 2
Aarya Season 2 Release Date: What a stellar comeback from Sushmita Sen in the era of series. The thriller series gained a lot of applause from the audience and the critics, not only because of the acting but also because of the storyline and direction.
The return of Sushmita Sen in the series has marked a promise for the audience to receive even better performances and groundbreaking stories.
With the first season garnering severe accolades from the fans, we’ll talk about the next season! But before, let’s have a look at the first plot.

Aarya Season 2 Story

Aarya falls into a pit of lies by her own family, and she witnesses the dark side of her family pharmacy business. The series is an adaptation of a Spanish series “penoza” and a story where the women take care of the family business and fall into its turmoil. Eventually, she understands everything going around her when people turn their backs at her to put her down. She faces a lot of difficulties, and after falling into the drug, pit goes her family.
The story is set I the heart of Rajasthan and every essence if the series is showed perfectly with the settings. How Aarya overcomes the odd and handling her three children and the horrors of the business is something that the show builds. The stellar and breathtaking performance of the actors is a delight to watch!

Will there be a season 2 for Aarya?

Although there has been no official announcement for the second season, seeing the immense popularity for the first, second season will be a Yes!
There are speculations that the next season may come out in May 2021, which is a huge deal! Nevertheless, the wait will be worth it for the fans. Although we hope the series gets released sooner because fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to drop.
Aarya Season 2

Aarya Cast

-Sushmita Sen
-Chandrachur Singh
-Vikas Kumar
-Ankur Bhatia
-Sikander Kher
-Namit  Das
-Manish Chaudhary
-Jayant Kriplani
-Sohaila Kapur
-Maya Sarao
-Priyasha Bharadwaj
-Sungandha Garg
-Alex O’Neil
With a stunning cast and an even better crime thriller story, the bar of expectations from the next season is tremendously high! Fans are waiting for the official announcement, and so are we because we don’t want to miss out on watching yet another fantastic performance by Sushmita Sen and, of course, not miss a thrilling story either. So for more updates, stay tuned!
And head over to Disney+Hotstar to watch the season 1 of the crime thriller Aarya.
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