Abortions are against nature – so is violence

Incidents of violence against the individuals and organizations that perform abortion or those who provide abortion counseling have been reported nationwide since the draft U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women Health Organization came to light. The crisis includes the destruction of properties, including vandalism, crime against people, and crime affecting both people and property, including arson and terrorism such as bombing. But even as abortions are against nature, so is violence.


Abortions are against nature -so is violence

Attacks have spread to various regions. It has even reached Asheville, N.C., home to World News Group, where the staff of Mountain Area Pregnancy Services recently showed up to work and found “If abortions are not safe, neither are you.” spray-painted across the front of the building. Members of the National School Boards Association sought the favor of the National Guard, asking the FBI and Secret Services to deliberately investigate parents as domestic terrorists when parents showed up at local school board meets. Also, the Attorney General of the United States threatened the whole U.S. Department of Justice against intrusive parents.

If abortions arent safe, neither are you

A similar kind of violence was anticipated when the U.S. Capitol was overhauled on January 6, 2021, the concern of the law enforcement being that they follow- on Trump rallies at state capitals might turn violent. Few measures to
check such insensitive behaviour included issuing nationwide bulletins by federal officials. Also, some governors converted their capitol buildings into veritable fortresses. For instance, in Minnesota, dozens of state troopers and conservation officers encircled the Capitol building. An armored vehicle was parked at the base of the Capitol steps and National Guard armored vehicles blocked nearby streets. Even in the end, people did not lag to protest in St. Paul, carrying homemade signs about election integrity. USA Today, in its report, mentioned that law enforcement members and journalists outnumbered the few people who showed up at state Capitols, praising lawfulness that needed to be established.

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Similar enforcement of law and order came to light earlier this year when a hostage situation occurred in a Texas synagogue. To check on this, the mayor in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas rightly deployed additional police to protect the Jewish house of worship against copycat attacks. Even the Governor in New York directed 10 million in taxpayer funds towards abortion centers for safety and security.

“If abortions are not safe, then neither are you”

But what about law enforcement when it comes to uncivilized and inhuman acts experienced by the pro-life centers last month? The offices of Wise Family Action in Madison were in flames after radical activists threw Molotov cocktails through its windows. A graffiti message stated, “If Abortions aren’t safe, then you are not either.” A group claiming itself as Jane’s Revenge took credit for the attack by contacting a reporter in the Netherlands.

Janes revenge

The inhuman deeds don’t end here, as another Molotov cocktail attack took place at the offices of Oregon Right to Life. This nationwide surge in crimes against people and violence clearly shows there is a lack of enforcement as no arrests have been made even after three weeks of the incident. A similar message -“If abortions are not safe, then neither are you” was spray-painted on the wall of the Alpha Crisis Pregnancy Center in Reisterstown, Md. The same message was found on the exteriors of four churches in Olympia, again by the activists associated with the group called Jane’s Revenge, taking credit through a statement on an anarchist website this time.

The group assured ”increasingly extreme tactics,” threatening a military component to political struggle, stating that the ”arson attack” was only a” warning ”and next time the ”infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive”. The group’s statement was closed saying it will not stop or hesitate to strike until abortion’s legality is secure. Crisis Pregnancy Center in Poland, Ore Manassas, Va and Friedrick Md have also been vandalized as have churches with high-visibility pro-life ministries in Texas, Colorado, and Michigan. All these are in addition to supreme court justices in seizure and threat of assassination in their own home due to left-wing protestors.

Pro-abortion protests

Abortion – a critical issue in U.S. politics

Abortion is described as the issue generating a great level of radicalism in U.S. politics. And attacks on abortion centers and abortionists have always been criticized by the pro-life leaders. But if we are to ask a simple question: how do the White House, Congress, and blue state governors and attorney General would respond if multiple planned parenthood facilities came under arson attacks and other abortion centers were marked with death threats, and an untitled group took the credit? Would it be on front-page news in The New York Times and covered on major news networks? Here, law enforcement can play a crucial role by prioritizing this issue before one of these attacks does more than property damage. The institution of law and order, along with effective implementation alone can prevent such crises and violent incidents. Abortions are against nature, so is violence.

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