About Graham Ledger and His Show The Ledger Report – Everything You Need to Know

About Graham Ledger and His Show The Ledger Report - Everything You Need to Know

Graham Ledger who is the host of “The Ledger Report” is an award-winning television newsman. He is the only national, daily constitutionally conservative TV source who analyzes and dissects the news of the day. His opening line “Stand by! The doors to the newsroom are locked and the ‘p.c. police’ are not getting in..” has become an iconic phrase among Constitutional conservatives.

Graham has more than three decades of TV news and broadcast experience which he brings to The Ledger Report. He is a two-time Emmy Awards winner for best news writing. Graham is a two-time Golden Microphone winner. He is the Big Brother’s and Sister’s “Man of the Year 2000.”

Graham Ledger is there to coach select individuals who want to perform at the highest octane & impact on TV. The Ledger Report is the pinnacle of Graham’s more than three decades in front of the camera. The purpose of The Ledger Report is to put America back on its constitutional tracks.

Graham focuses on solving political problems using a constitutionally conservative litmus test: liberty, limited government, strong military/national security, and a fundamental belief in God and American exceptionalism. Before the Ledger Report, Graham anchored nightly, national newscasts on the Wealth TV (AWE) network from 2009 to 2013.

Before this, he was one of the well-known and respected TV newsmen in Southern California. He anchored the news from 1990 to 2004 and covered some of the biggest live news stories in Southern California history.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors gave him a proclamation of ‘Graham Ledger Day’ for his work with abused children. He sat with the board of directors for many several charities while volunteering his time at many charitable events each year. Graham has one adult daughter and he is proud of her. He is good at golfing, cooking, photography, and gymnasium. He offers political insight and humor he attained from 25 years of journalism.  

Details of Few Recent Episodes of The Ledger Report

Arizona Audit Bombshell- Voter Fraud- De-Certify and Re-Vote 2020 Election! Ledger Report 1161

Graham Ledger talks with Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend about what happens after the election fraud in the Grand Canyon state. 

Election computers were not updated and were left to remote access.

Thousands of voters cast ballots in two different counties.

Thousands of more votes were cast by mail than mailed out.

Election officials purged computer information just hours prior to sending materials to the audit.

Election workers accessed the internet in violation of state law. 

The 2020 Presidential Election in Arizona was corrupt and should be de-certified.

The solution is to hold a new vote.

Darkest Days in U.S. History- Mike Lindell On Where/How to Fight Back! Ledger Report 1160

Graham Ledger talks with Mike Lindell of My Pillows about where and how to fight back against the growing Marxist tyranny in America. 

The southern border is under attack from within. 

A lot of illegals are decimating civil society because the Marxist-Democrat machine is permitting them to attack and destroy the rule of law and the constitutional order. 

The history and culture are being decimated. 

It’s not just the border. Constitutional America is being attacked from within using Covid as the object to cause fear, anger and division while the swamp in DC purposefully runs up the national debt to crisis levels. 

There’s the assault on the franchise; if voter fraud is not fixed, then these internal attacks will ultimately destroy them.


The Red States Wake Up! What Happened in California Will Not Stay in CA! Ledger Report 1159

Graham Ledger talks with recall gubernatorial candidate Sam Gallucci about the root of the Marxist problem in California and how to guard against this cancerous, anti-constitutional threat spreading into the Red States.

The Marxist-Democrat machine stole the 2020 presidential election by focusing on a few key precincts.

Virginia is a great example of this nefarious attack plan producing politically abundant results. 

It’s all about the numbers. And, that brings us to California and the recall attempt of governor Gavin Newsom: it never had a chance. 

Biden Sentencing Millions of Americans to Death! Must Fight! Ledger Report 1158

Graham Ledger speaks with Human rights and constitutional rights attorney Leigh Dundas about how to protect your job, your body, and your constitutional rights.

Biden is going to be dead long before we know the full extent of the severe and long-term side effects of the covid vaccine.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional edict effectively mandating the Covid shots for tens of millions of Americans is a potential death sentence for many innocent people who have the right to choose what is best for themselves and their families. 

The latest adverse reaction to the covid shots numbers from VAERS is staggering. 

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