Ace Of Diamon Chapter 223 Release Date, Time, Spoilers, Recap: When & Where to Read?

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 223 Release Date

Ace Of Diamon Chapter 223 Release Date, Preview, Recap, and Other Details: I just want to request to Yuji Terajima to please start the match now. It has been long enough. The last episode was the same as others and was just a buildup for the match. We got something more in this chapter, and this chapter was really sort of more tensed chapter than previous ones. We got to know about the extent of Nori’s injury and we also saw a new version of Nori that we really didn’t expect to see. But is it a good change or a bad one, that is really up to you to decide. Now, let’s look at what happened in the last episode and details of the upcoming ones.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 222 Recap

The mood in the Seidou dressing room was really tensed as everyone was waiting for Kawakami to return. Sawamura was watching the recording of Sankou over and over. Okumura told him that he has watched it enough times and now he should stop, Sawamura told him that he will watch it a little longer. Furuya consoles him saying that he will be in the bullpen from the start and he should not try to do everything be himself. Sawamura told him that he already knows that and they don’t have to talk to him in a worried manner. Zono was sitting behind them, trembling.

Asou in the corridor got a text on his phone from someone. Shirasu, Kuramochi, and Kominato are swinging their bat. Nori comes back and is met by both coaches and Miyuki. Ota told everyone that the possibility of Muscle Damage is high, but as of now there are no abnormalities in the bone, but the doctor has advised for an MRI Scan. He told everyone that if Nori would have kept playing it would have been disastrous so it was a good thing that Furuya notices the injury and Tanba advice for a check-up. Coach Ochiai thinks that Nori might be out till the finals now and it is worrying.

Kawakami told everyone that there is no pain now and he is comfortable so please let him pitch, he has worked hard for three years for this, so don’t tell anyone about this. Everyone was shocked and Miyuki told Kawakami that if he forces himself he might be in big trouble for the future. His College career and Adult career both can be harmed. Kawakami told Miyuki that he is not like him and for him playing in college or in adult life is not an option. He won’t mind if his career ends with High School. And because of this, he won’t mind breaking down if he can complete the summer with no regret.

In the Sankou dugout captain, Hoshida gave a speech, and after that Amahisha gave a speech, telling everyone that only 2 games before we go to nationals and he wants to see everyone at Koshien.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 223 Release Date

Usually, A new chapter will release every Friday in Japan and in India. But Ace Diamond is on a two-week break as of now, so the next chapter will be released on 27 August 2020.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 223 Preview And Spoilers

The raw cut or any spoiler of the chapter will be out 2-3 days before the actual release. But can we please see at least one panel of the match in the next chapter? What will coach Kataoka decide regarding Kawakami is also something to look forward too, because the Sankou team is roaring at full strength and they are a force to reckon with.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 223 Where To Read

No official sites are available yet to read Ace Of Diamond yet but we can read it on Manga One magazine and mobile app. We request you to use only legal sources to read the chapter as it will promote the works of the creators.

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