Ace Of Diamond Chapter 219 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers and Recap (Read Online)

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 219

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 219 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, and Summary: The big stage is set. All four finalists from West-Tokyo are decided. The face-off that was going to happen is inevitable now and you can’t help but get excited about it. Kanto Tournament is in its final phase and all the teams in the top 4 re striving to be in nationals. They are ready to give their all. They only have one thing in their sight and that is the ticket to the nationals.

Who will win, Who will choke this opportunity because of pressure? The coming chapters of Ace Of Diamond are going to be exciting and Chapter 218 just served as a build-up to that.  Everyone is in good mood after the win but suddenly we see Kawakami struggling while picking up the water bottle, that is worrying sign.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 219

Everyone is practicing and the ‘New RBI King’ Zono is swinging, but he is not wearing any guards and the Seki when he swung his bat on The Seki Special it deflected and hit him on the boots and it will hurt like hell. Nakata scold him for being careless and then we see Asou in background with victory punch in the sky.

Seki told everyone that Asou confessed hi love to Murage from the tennis club and she said yes. Everyone starts teasing Asou, but Asou is too happy to be bothered. Managers told the players they are going and Kawakami is shown grabbing his right hand.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 218 What Went Down

In the starting of the chapter itself, we got to know the four-team that qualified for Semi-Finals. The matchups are decided. It will be Inashiro Vs Young and upcoming Kaukaidai Sugata and the second match will be between the fated rivals Seidou Vs Ichidai. Reporters confirmed that it will be a pitcher battle between Sawamura and Amahisa. And they made it clear that both of their performance will impact the match directly.

Seidou team is back in their college dorm and Sawamura received a text from Amahisa telling him that the date is set for their dual. Meanwhile, Asou received a text from someone and Seki motivated him and he just ran away. Everyone is wondering where he is going but Seki kept his mouth shut and diverted everyone’s attention by talking about practice.

Miyuki and Watanabe are talking about the match and Miyuki told Watanabe how difficult it was because everyone was swinging like mad. Watanabe praised Miyuki and Furuya for their performance. Sawamura told Okumaura that he will rest the whole day today and he will show him his Curveball and Slider tomorrow.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 219 Release Date 

Chapter 219 will be available on 16 July, 2020. A new chapter is released every Thursday in Japan and Friday in India.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 219 Spoilers and Predictions

As of now no spoilers or Raw cut are out of Chapter 219. So no legit spoilers are available as of now. We will update it here as soon as we get to know something.

We just hope that somebody notices the injury of Kawakami, we don’t want Furuya 2.0 in any way and we hope that Zono is alright because if he is injured too, Seidou is in very big trouble. The showdown between Sawamura and Amahisa is set and by the looks of it both of them are gonna pitch the whole game. That’s a sight every Ace of Diamond fans wants to see.

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