Ace of Diamond Chapter 225 Release Date, Recap, Trailer, Teaser, And Spoilers; Where to Read Online?

Ace Of Diamond

Ace of Diamond Chapter 225 Release Date: The latest chapter of Ace Of Diamond just showed us how big of a baseball fan Terajima is and how well researched this series is. Chapter 224 marked the start of the first semi-final with both teams looking focused and ready. The winner of the match will get one step closer to the nationals. Both teams have everything to fight for. The only worry about the manga is that it is extending quite a bit. We are getting chapter after chapter hyping up the match. Don’t get it wrong, it is very thrilling actually, but it might be a problem in the future as the manga has already completed almost 14 years.

Ace of Diamond Chapter 224 Recap 

The match starts both teams have lined up and pay respect to each other. Both coaches also pay their respect to each other. The starting line up of Seidou consist of Kuramochi – SS, Haruichi – 2B, Shirasu – RF, Miyuki – C, Zono – FB, Toujou – CF, Yuki- LF, Kanemaru – 3B, Sawamura – P, and the starting lineup of Ichidai consist of Chimaru – LF, Mori – 3B, Miyagawa – CF, Hoshida – 1B, Sasaki – RF, Adachi – SS, Takami – C, Amahisa – P, Miyamoto – 2B. The audience is excited about the match. Wakana is really surprised and impressed to see that Sawamura really is Seidou’s ace. But she is also worried because being the ace means much more responsibilities.

Ichidai’s coach tells their players to pay back Sawamura for the spring tournament where he shut them out. Furuya was in the bullpen from the first inning itself and that was a surprise. Kataoka coach thinks that Sawamura and Furuya will have to finish today’s game as Kaneda is not that reliable. The reporter says that given Sawamura’s form the Ichidai’s batter will take advantage of that. Sawamura did his usual routine but this time with more fire. He basically challenged the whole batting line-up of Sankou and declared war on them. Sankou’s batting lineup is fired after the monologue. Ichidai’s coach instructs Chimaru to go after Sawamura’s fastball. Chimaru is going to target the first pitch of Sawamura thinking that it will be a fastball. Miyuki knowing that asks for the new splitter right away.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 225 Release Date

The New Chapter will be released next Thursday that is 10 September 2020. A new chapter will release every Thursday in Japan and in India, it is available on Friday. The manga has been on an inconsistent schedule for a while now so we might again get a delay.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 224 Predictions And Spoilers

In the next chapter, we will see what the splitter custom looks like and how will it affect the match. If the delivery is perfect it will rattle the batting lineup of Ichidai. But if Sawamura fluffs the chance it might result in Sankou getting the upper hand.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 224 Where To Read

No official sites are available yet to read Ace Of Diamond yet but we can read it on Manga One magazine and mobile app. We request you to use only legal sources to read the chapter as it will promote the works of the creators.

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