Ace of Diamond Chapter 226 Release Date, Recap, Trailer, Teaser, And Spoilers; Where to Read Online?

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 226 Release Date

Ace of Diamond Chapter 226 Release Date: We are gonna see a shutout in this game by Sawamura. That is some peak Sawamura performance we got in the first inning. This is the best start we could have asked for. If just Sawamura can get strikeouts every single fan will see how good he is. It just also show how researched this manga really is. Well, the match has started and it’s all going according to Miyuki and Sawamura plan. Thank God Sawamura was able to control his numbers right from the first pitch and now he can control the whole game. Now, let’s look at what happened in the last chapter.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 225 Recap

Chimaru was looking to hit the first pitch as he thought it would be a fastball. And Ichidai’s batter were tasked to target Sawamura’s fastball explicitly. Miyuki also predicted that and asked number 9 on the first pitch itself and Chimaru grounds out to third base. Whole dugout of Ichidai was confused what that ball was? Even Ichidai’s coach was surprised and confused about the ball. Second batter Mori also targets the splitter thinking it was a fastball and it was a swing and a miss. Mori was also out on second base when he jammed the splliter.

New improved Pitch

Sankou realized that it is a new high-speed splitter that Sawamura is throwing. Miyuki is really happy that Sawamura is throwing pitches where he wants. Then we got some details about the new cutter that Sawamura is throwing. Third batter Miyagava takes his spot and he is also focused on targeting Sawamura’s fastball. The first strike was a changeup and Miyakawa hits the second ball on the first base. He also thought that it was a fastball but it was also a splitter. Amahisa from the stands was really impressed by it.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 226 Release Date

The New Chapter will be released next Thursday that is 10 September 2020. A new chapter will release every Thursday in Japan and in India, it is available on Friday. The manga has been on an inconsistent schedule for a while now so we might again get a delay.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 226 Predictions And Spoilers

Sawamura is off to a great start. He finished Ichidai’s inning in just 6 balls. And one thing more noticable is that they didn’t use even a single fastball. So they will have a lot of options in second inning. Now, we have to see how Amahisa will respond with his pitching and how will Seiodu’s batting lineup adapt to him. Amahisa is known as a slow starter so it might be the best time for them to score.

Ace Of Diamond Where To Read

No official sites are available yet to read Ace Of Diamond yet but we can read it on Manga One magazine and mobile app. We request you to use only legal sources to read the chapter as it will promote the works of the creators.

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