Ace of Diamond Chapter 227 Release Date, Recap, Trailer, Teaser, And Spoilers; Where to Read Online?

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 227 Release Date

Ace of Diamond Chapter 227 Release Date, Recap, Trailer, Teaser, And Spoilers; Where to Read Online?: So, both the pitchers are in their top game. The best thing about Ace Of Diamond manga is that it has been running for so long that every character development is in so much detail. It looks like both teams will be held scoreless the way both pitchers are pitching. Chris is watching from the stands looking so proud at Sawamura, and it feels so good. Chris felt like he was standing on the ground with Sawamura. It breaks your heart but in a sweet way.

But now we know that Amahisha won’t go down without a fight. The only thing is we don’t get to see the end of the first inning even in this chapter. Tejirama is just teasing us with these chapters at this point when we can’t wait for a new chapter. The manga is at it’s most intense arc right now. So, let’s take a look at what happened in this chapter.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 226 Recap

Sawamura bowled out all three strikers in just six balls, and he didn’t even throw a single fastball. Everyone in the stands was so happy for Sawamura. They were mesmerized by his growth. Okumura remembers the thing Sawamura said after their match against Sankou last year. Nabe, who was also their remembers it well, and both of them realized that Sawamura had his bowling plan right from there.

Sankou’s CounterAttack

Sankou was back on defense, and Kuramochi was the lead-off man for Seidou. Amahisa said that he wants to change his image of being a slow starter. He threw a 151 km/ph pitch to Kuramochi. Kuramochi, who was out for revenge for the last match, hit the ball cleanly right towards the center. Everyone was impressed by how much Kuramochi has grown in this past year. Kuramochi knows that Amahisa won’t throw a pickoff, so he took a massive lead. But, to everyone’s surprise, Amahisa threw a pickoff that was able to retire out Kuramochi. Amahisa wanted to show everyone that he is just as good as Sawamura. So, just like Sawamura, Amahisa also threw his new pitch to Haruichi, which resulted in the first strike.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 227 Release Date

The New Chapter will be released next Thursday that is 10 September 2020. A new chapter will release every Thursday in Japan and India. It is available on Friday. The manga has been on an inconsistent schedule for a while now, so we might again get a delay.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 227 Predictions And Spoilers

We will see the end of the first inning in the next chapter. We will see if Seidou’s batters can score off Amahisa as it is their best chance to score now. Otherwise, if Amahisa can get into his rhythm, he won’t let Seidou score so quickly.

Ace Of Diamond Where To Read

No official sites are available yet to read Ace Of Diamond; however, we can read it on Manga One magazine and mobile app. We request you to use only legal sources to read the chapter as it will promote the creators’ works.

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